Recovery/12 Step Series – Law of Detachment

How to Walk the 12 Steps with the HuMethod™ Article 21

How I Transformed My Life Experiences (Karma)

By Emotionalizing The Law Of Detachment

By Certified Life Coach Deborah Giddings

Namasté soul friends,

I’m feeling very God identified these days and am enjoying the blessings that come from this.  I am finally transcending my life experiences (Karma) to a point that I don’t try to run, hide, repress or suppress life as it happens – I’m able to view each experience from a witness/observer so that I’m not getting dragged into the storyline.

For many years, I “experienced” my life by dancing to what life was handing me.  Paying my Karmic debt in this way was a very slow and painful process.

In my 12-step program we talked a lot about detachment and detaching with love.  I didn’t understand the concept of ‘detaching with love.’  I was taught how to detach by slamming a door and yelling a few expletives as I was walking out the room.  This is what I was taught but I’ve since learned that this was just my ego mind having me use my child-like ego defenses to try to keep me safe, sane and secure.  Though it was normal that I reacted this way, as this is what I was taught, it wasn’t highly functional.  I wanted to learn another way.

I didn’t want to just go through life dancing to what was being handed to me.  I wanted to learn to Self-parent myself and become Self-mastered instead of ego-mind mastered.  After I completed going through my 12-steps for the 4th or 5th time, I started to be less afraid of what I was going to learn about myself.  I had developed some new habits and my word started to become law in the Universe.

Emotionalizing the HuMethod™ exercises of Self-parenting and Dis-creation, I started to learn a more productive way to transform my Karma into a more desirable experience by asking my Self this question: “What can I learn and how can I grow from this experience?” When I connect with my Higher Power int his way, I can keep transforming my earthly challenges into benefits such as wisdom and spiritual fulfillment.

Though this was a very useful method and one that I adopted as I walked my path of recovery, it too was not the most direct path.  This path required me to learn my lessons only after I unconsciously created what I did not want to experience.

The fastest, gentlest and wisest way to TRANSCEND
my karma is by using the Law of Detachment.

Using the Law of Detachment I have transcended my Karma because I became independent of it through meditation.  Karma transcendence happens because when I am in a meditative state I create separation between my real Self and my Karma.  Meditation creates a clear distinction between my Self and my earth plane Karma [lessons, experiences, roles, dramas, etc.].  This was the missing piece – meditating and listening to my Higher Power help me use the Law of Detachment.

Detaching is a lifelong process
Of making peace with the fact that
I am exactly where
I am supposed to be,
Doing exactly what I
Am supposed to be doing
For my highest spiritual good,
Even if it doesn’t feel good.
Because in a perfectly evolving universe
It cannot be any other way.
Taken from the HuMan Handbook

My ego mind always needs a rigid plan of what it must do next.  My mind is attached to how life must unfold.  Rigid plans lack flexibility.  They inhibit the infinite possibilities that are needed for me to manifest my intentions.

Through meditation I developed a new Self-awareness and spiritual distinction which helped me to “be in the world, but not of it.” In this state of God conscious awareness, my earth plane dramas (triggers) have no real power of me.  I view them as I do a movie, from an emotionally detached witness-observer state of consciousness.

Meditation has helped me to transcend my karma because it trained and disciplined my ego-mind to obey my Higher Power and to distinguish my Self from my earth plane roles.

This allowed me to painlessly wash my karma off in much the same way that mud washes off my skin when I shower…Thank You God!

Keep Coming – It Works!

Deborah Giddings, CSLC and Recovery Trainer

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