Recovery/ 12-Step Series – Dis-Creation

How to Walk the 12 Steps with the HuMethod™ Article 17

How I Learned To Be Emotionally Honest …
By Understanding The Power Of Being A Deliberate Conscious Creator

By Certified Life Coach Deborah Giddings

Namasté soul friends,

Thanks for joining me in this blog.  I’m going to talk about one tiny aspect of the Conscious Creation Process – Honesty.  But before I begin, I want to share with you the three Laws of Healing that the Conscious Creation Process is based on: 1) Nothing changes until it becomes what it is…Love; 2) No two objects can occupy the same space at the same time; therefore I am either resonating Love or Fear; and 3) My beliefs create my reality.

To someone who still has a wounded inner child, being a deliberate conscious creator can be quite scary.  When I heard the idea that I was creating my reality it made me really stop and look at my life.  And guess what – I didn’t like a lot of what I was experiencing.  Working the HuMethod™ Conscious Creation Process (a series of actions that bring about an expected end result – my desires) along with my 12-Steps of Recovery, I dove into my unconscious mind so I could dis-create these negatively programmed beliefs.

I don’t know about you, but as a child my ego was taught to lie.  It was something that wasn’t done deliberately, and I hold no anger or resentments towards those who unconsciously taught this to me, but it is something that I needed to bring to my consciousness so I could heal it.  I discovered this one time while walking through the 4th step and realizing that there is no such thing as “little white lies”.  A lie is a lie.  I asked myself, If I’m okay with my ego telling “little white lies” then what else am I doing that is not in my best interest?  I know that these lies started out as “don’t tell anyone what happens inside the house – after all what would the neighbors think” and progressed to the point that my ego had me lie even when I didn’t need to.

In order for me to surface and heal this wound within me it was going to require me to become conscious and see myself through the eyes of an honest person.  Be-ing honest is an act of Self-renewal because I’m always creating and if I’m being honest and coming from my Spirit-self, then I’m creating what I want in my life which renews me.  In the past I created what I didn’t want because my programming only had dysfunctional fear-based thoughts to use to create my reality.

I know today that my Word is Law in the Universe which creates the electromagnetic power that charges my intentions so I tap in the Universal, God-Source Energy and I can then deliberately manifest my desires.  When I’m honest, the electromagnetic power which is intensifying my intentions, taps into my God-Source Energy to manifest my desires and allows me to be emotionally intimate with my Self and others.

When I’m being honest I feel safe, sane and secure in the world because I don’t have to act in Fear about what energy I’m vibrating to the universe.  I’m standing in my truth at all times, and all is well. My divine powers are not being drained.  When I’m honest I can heal from things that are labeled so-called “good” and so-called “bad” because I am accepting my divine power as a creator.

When I’m honest my thoughts and actions match.  Since I’m always creating and my thoughts create my world, when I’m honest I can be conscious about what I’m creating and know that what’s showing up is perfect for me.

I used to pretend a lot as a child.  My ego used this as a protection mechanism because what was going on in my world could not be digested by a child.  Today I know that when I pretend it’s my ego resisting what my Spirit is creating.  Pretending allows my ego to feed me mis-information which I then buy into.

Pretending is my imagination without the inner faith to know that I can do whatever it takes to have and experience what I want to manifest.  When I’m pretending, I’m helpless.  When I’m a deliberate conscious creator I’m powerless (I’ve surrendered to my Higher Powers) and I’m not helpless.  I can’t surrender and pretend at the same time.

When I’m pretending I’m suppressing my feelings; I’m not safe because I’m not protecting my boundaries; I’m not being self-nurturing because I’ve disconnected from my inner child; I’m not validating anything in my life because I’m not accepting my experiences; and I’m not using my adult powers to protect me.

As a deliberate conscious creator I am honest and fear-less.  Deliberate conscious creation requires the inner faith that I have Godlike powers.  A deliberate conscious creator says “NO” when invited by the EGO to attend the EGO fear ‘break-dance’.

Emotional honesty has given me happiness because being emotionally honest I am acting courageously which makes me feel safe and secure.  You remember the prayer, “God, Grant me the Serenity to Accept the Things I Cannot Change, Courage to Change the Things I can, and Wisdom to Know the Difference.”  This courage comes from within, from my God source.

Keep coming – it works if you work it!

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