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In 1993 Holistic Learning Centers launched its global transformation educational campaign called SAVE The… Humans™ because…

“To SAVE The… Humans™ we need a critical mass of souls who understand
that we are all ONE spiritually.”

-Master Coach Hu Dalconzo 1993




Inner-Net of ONE Abundance Exchange

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Just a decade or so ago, it was unimaginable that millions of souls worldwide could be in contact with each other simultaneously. Today with the Internet and social networking, we can join our hearts and minds to educate the world as to why we need a critical mass of souls to help Save the… HuMans™.

It is estimated that only 11% of us are needed to achieve the critical mass which will create a global paradigm shift in consciousness in order to SAVE the… Humans™.

We are all part of an "inner net" of the Namasté consciousness where we are all ONE in Spirit. Using the synergy created when we combine the Internet and our Inner Net we can quickly spread the word with passion and a sense of urgency on why we need to act now!

The SAVE The… Humans™ PLEDGE is…

“I commit to respond with ability to help remove suffering from the world. I grok that the first step to removing suffering from the world is to successfully remove my own suffering first, because I can only give away what is inside of me.”

Begin by removing your own suffering. CLICK HERE to find out more about a Sample Life Coaching Session [click here].

A Sense of Urgency

As a spiritually committed person we are asking you to commit to spreading the word about the core essence of our SAVE The… Humans™ campaign, which explains why CRITICAL MASS is the first step to SAVING the… Humans and all the plants and animals on planet earth.

“The first step of spiritual evolution is a well grounded inner Self-education.”
-Master Coach Hu Dalconzo 1993

We have reached a critical point in time where our technology has exceeded our humanity. Therefore, we, as members of a human family, need to tap into our divine powers so that together, we will do whatever it takes to SAVE the… Humans™ and all the plants and animals on planet earth.

"As far as the still unconscious majority of the population is concerned, only a critical global disaster has the potential to crack the hard shell of the planetary ego and force it into the awakened state. The egoic mind, the creator of this world, will then collapse and out of the ashes of the old world, a new world can then come into being.”
-Eckhart Tolle

HLC offer’s everyone a FREE E-BOOK explaining why SAVE The… Humans™ is a “real world” global challenge. It explains why we have less than 50-years to reverse these deteriorating environmental challenges. (See Newsweek 4-16-07 pg. 87 John McNeill 50-years To Make or Break).

HLC’s SAVE The… Humans™ campaign has been validated by educational programming on the Learning Channel, PBS, History Channel, and in numerous magazines such as Newsweek and by Vice President Gore’s movie, “An Inconvenient Truth.”

That’s why we here at HLC have a SENSE OF URGENCY to educate our human family how together we can help SAVE The… Humans™, as well as all the animals of planet earth by having the emotional courage to heal one soul at a time starting with mine.

Don Beck puts it this way…

“No more awards for predicting rain- only for building the ark!”


SAVE The… Humans™ FREE e-BOOK will educate you about:

  • How planetary critical mass can create planetary transformation.
  • Why women are being called to lead this spiritual evolution of love.
  • How critical mass transformed Russia from a communist state to a free enterprise system without a shot being fired.
  • How the 100th Monkey Phenomena is proof that critical mass works.
  • How critical mass will be the evidence that the financial power brokers need to transcend their minds and help us co-create planetary transformation.
  • Why we need a sense of urgency to SAVE The… Humans™!
  • Why planetary transformation will not happen as a result of a warlike revolution, but by a spiritual evolution.
  • How you can help us achieve our conscious Intention to manifest one million FREE down loads of the SAVE The… Humans™! eBook this year.

“Planetary transformation will happen as a result of a consciously co-created spiritual evolution,
not because of a war like revolution.”

-Master Coach Hu Dalconzo 1993

More information about our SAVE The… Humans™ campaign can be found in our FREE E-Book.

To request a free E-book call 888-452-0878 or send us an email, subject line- Free Save the Humans EBook at

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