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Income Potential for the
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Life Coach’s Income Potential- Price Waterhouse
Do You Want to Be a Certified Spiritual Life Coach?
Income Potential for the Life Coaching Industry
Benefits of Being a Spiritual Life Coach
How to Market Your Life Coaching Practice
Vital Ingredients of an Empowering Life Coaching Career

Life Coach’s Income Potential- Price Waterhouse:

From 2007 global research project by Price Waterhouse Coopers
  • Average annual income for full-time coaches is $83,000
  • Average age is 36-55
  • Some Life Coaches make well into six figures, with experience 
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Do You Want to Be a Certified Spiritual Life Coach?

If your self-help library has books and audio albums by authors such as Doreen Virtue, Deepak Chopra, Gandhi, Pema Chodron, A Course in Miracles, Eckhart Tolle, Stuart Wilde, Eric Butterworth, Conversations With God, Abraham-Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Phil McGraw, John Gray, Marianne Williamson, Anthony Robbins, etc. [See Recommended Reading list] OR if you are familiar with organizations such as HayHouse, One, TED, Unity, Science of Mind, [etc] then being a Certified Spiritual Life Coach will serve you well.

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Income Potential for the Life Coaching/Self-help Industry

Michelle and Louse Hay, Life CoachesIn recent years, the demand for Life Coaching services has increased tremendously and with it the demand for professional Holistic Practitioners, Self-Actualization Trainers, and Spiritual Life Coachs.

The popularity of TV programs such as the Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Phil Show, as well as the sale of millions of THE SECRET books, provide proof that more and more people are seeking to expand their self-help knowledge. When you combine this ever expanding self-help interest with the massive amount of corporate layoffs, it proves that the demand for Life Coaching careers will continue to grow well into the future.

The self-help industry is here to stay; it is simply a blending of technically advanced Western medicine with well-proven healing methods from the East. More Americans are consistently turning to the self-help and complementary medicine field for answers.

According to a report by Marketdata Enterprises, the U.S. self-improvement market is worth $9.6 Billion in 2010. In addition, there is a hunger to learn alternative medicine techniques. Traditional medical schools are now teaching alternative remedies such as meditation and prayer to herbal cures. The complementary medicine field is consistently growing as more and more people seek alternatives to traditional Western medical practices.

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Benefits of Being a Spiritual Life Coach

  • Flexible Schedule: Spiritual Life Coaches can design a schedule that fits in with their lifestyle, a particularly attractive benefit for people with young children, or anyone who is tired of working a nine to five, “soul-less” non-authentic lifestyle.
  • Vocation/Avocation: Spiritual Life Coaches can create their own work schedule. Therefore, you can work as little as you want (as a part time, tax deductible avocation) or as much as you want (as a full-time vocational career). In this way, you can mold your Spiritual Life Coaching practice to fit your lifestyle.
  • Live Anywhere You Want: Thanks to modern technology, you can life coach from anywhere- from home, while traveling and even when you are on the beach. We teach our certification Spiritual Life Coaching students that facilitating their sessions via phone (telephone sessions) and using email correspondence is the key to building a successful coaching practice.
  • Self-help Career Opportunity: Life Coaching is the fastest growing consulting profession in the world. It’s a great time to get involved in coaching because there is lots of room for Life Coaches who know how to create the permanent behavioral changes that their clients seek.
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How to Market Your Life Coaching Practice:

  • You can have a private coaching practice and see your clients face to face.
  • You can have a private practice and offer tele-classes. Tele-classes are convenient, fast and save your client commuting expenses. Clients get to experience their sessions in the comfort of their own home, without worry of weather, finding a babysitter, or driving the distance.
  • You can facilitate group Life Coaching classes, which will increase your hourly income. [i.e.- 10 clients at $50 per class = $500 per hour] 
  • High schools and some colleges allow you to rent classroom space for group classes.
  • You can advertise in your local high school and college course brochures.
  • You can host Internet Webinars.
  • Join Google groups geared to Holistic Community networking
  • Join Yahoo groups geared to Holistic Community networking
  • Work with wellness centers.
  • Network with other practitioners who offer similar services [i.e. - Reiki, Massage therapists, etc].
  • Partner with a traditional therapists and chiropractors.
  • You can market your services by creating your own website or you can use HLC’s website.
  • You can market your services via inexpensive Google and Facebook PPC Ads
  • You can e-Blasts to the self-help communities.
  • Unity and Science of Mind churches are wonderful organizations to network with.
  • You can build a following via Facebook.
  • Build a following on Twitter by sending an empowering "Coaching tweet of the day"
  • Advertize in free local holistic magazines.

Plus numerous other marketing methods which are explained in HLC’s Marketing Mastery Course.

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Vital Ingredients of a Self-Empowering Life Coaching Career:

    1. Right Livelihood for Job Satisfaction
    2. Professional Growth Potential
    3. "Sprit First!" Work Environment

First vital ingredient of a Self-empowering Life Coaching career is…

This means that your Life Coaching career must create sufficient challenge to require you to call upon your greatest abilities, which can only happen if you are doing work that Buddha would call Right Livelihood. You need to be spiritually empowered by what you are doing. This has a direct affect on your personal life as well as on your perception of yourself as successful, which in turn effects how you perform your duties. A career as a spiritual life coach will support the fulfillment of your spiritual purpose for living, what Buddhist’s call “Right Livelihood.”

Second vital ingredient of a Self-empowering Life Coaching career is…

As you continue to develop your professional Life Coaching skills, your potential to grow spiritually, emotionally and financially will be unlimited. Four ways how your Life Coaching career will promote your growth potential:

  1. SPIRITUAL GROWTH POTENTIAL, since it is part of your Life Coaching job descriptions.

  2. PROFESSIONAL GROWTH POTENTIAL, which is directly based on your willingness to take direct responsibility for your personal growth and self-help education.

  3. CONTINUED GROWTH is an important element of being a life coach because the biggest room in the world is the room for self-improvement.

  4. Lastly, a Life Coaching career prevents boredom because it creates a professional work environment that will challenge, support and encourage your continued holistic GROWTH!

Third vital ingredient of a Self-empowering Life Coaching career is a…

An ideal work environment must include three things:

  1. A MANAGEMENT PHILOSOPHY that puts "Spirit First!" – Your emotional fitness is based on how well you align your actions with your Life Coaching intentions. If you model HLC’s Spiritual Relationship model, Seven Spiritual By-Laws and Responsibility Communication rules of order will create for you a well-grounded, "Spirit First!" work environment that will support your personal, spiritual and professional goals and intentions.

  2. GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION - Living where ever you want to live is one of the benefits of being a life coach.

  3. FINANCIAL FREEDOM- It is important that you earn enough money so that you feel financially free. That why it is imperative that you "walk your financial Life Coaching talk" by modeling HLC’s graduates who have manifested financial freedom using their powers of conscious intention.
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