Spiritual Life Coaching
Tele-Classroom Courses

Enrolling In An HLC Course Means You Are Investing In Yourself & Your Career

HLC Interactive Coaching courses are conducted in a virtual tele-classroom with a dial-in number and screen share link. No travel is involved. Each course is all-inclusive, there are no additional products to purchase, your tuition covers everything. The classes are conducted dynamically, there are no long, boring, drawn-out lectures. Students are encouraged to actively participate with the instructor and one another, creating the most effective learning environment. HLC instructors train with the Cornell University model, "See one, Do one, Teach one", which is the most impactful way to not only teach a student but have the student retain information long after the class has concluded.

The first goal of any HLC course is to build your confidence and skills as a Coach while turning your passion for helping others into a full-time career. The second goal is to work on your personal journey because it is just as important to work on your inner-Self as learning to help your client's inner-Self.  This certification course is really two programs in one. You get to work on your inner-Self and learn how to help others. It is both a personal growth and professional skills Coaching course. You will graduate feeling more self-assured about your abilities and more certain about success in this endlessly rewarding career that allows you to honor your calling by helping people heal.

Rosa D.

Namaste and Welcome!

Listen to Certified Spiritual Life Coach Rosa,
Give a Very Brief Overview About HLC

How HLC Helps Graduates Market Their Private Practice

Master Coach Hu's, Coach's Video Training Series

Master Coach Hu has a series of Free videos you can use not only to enhance your facilitation skills, but use to show your potential clients the benefits they will receive for being your client.

These videos are especially perfect for new and/or potential clients because they PROVE that you know how to help them create the permanent behavioral change they so deeply desire; which is the main reason they will want to hire you. 

Coaching Session Note- These videos can be used as an S.M.A. support Coaching aid because they mirror Coach Hu’s clinically proven session progressive order.

Complementary Promotion

Included in HLC’s Spiritual Life Coaching certification course, is the complementary promotion of a graduate’s private practice, events, workshops, etc. with HLC's sangha community.

See the Administration Department or if you are already a student, see your Student Agreements for details.

For additional marketing education beyond the Spiritual Life Coaching Certification course, see How to Build & Market Your Private Practice on a Shoestring Budget manual.

Proof of the Effectiveness of the
Spiritual Life Coach’s Certification Course

On these class recordings, you will hear certification students sharing
what they experienced about themselves and what they learned about becoming a Spiritual Life Coach.

201-0419-Sa10am Collage

Interactive Tele-Classroom
Spiritual Life Coaching Certification

Certification Begins With The Coach's 101 Orientation Class

After, The Student Can Continue on His or Her Personal Journey or  Continue Into The Spiritual Life Coaching Certification Course

Coach's 101
Orientation Class [Live]

Start Your Certification Journey With An Online Class Where You Interact With Your Instructor And Classmates Along With Receiving Some Of The Foundational Coaching Materials From The Certification Program.


  • Interactive [live] with Instructor and Classmates
  • Two hours of class instruction with number one authority in the Spiritual Life Coaching Industry
  • eChapters from The Human Handbook digital softcover
  • Audio Chapters from The Human Handbook audiobook
  • eChapters from Self-Mastery, A Journey Home to Your Inner Self digital textbook
  • Audio chapters Self-Mastery, A Journey Home to Your Inner Self audiobook
  • eChapters from Seven Spiritual Truths digital softcover
  • Audio Chapters from Seven Spiritual Truths audiobook
  • Bonus Coaching materials and lessons for clients
  • Class Recording

Spiritual Life Coaching
Certification Course [Live]

For Students who are ready to build their Coaching practice in a virtual classroom environment with unlimited instructor support both. This all-inclusive program's sole purpose is to develop your confidence and skills as a Coach so you can open a full-time practice.


  • Deposit + Financing Available
  • Interactive [live] with Instructor and Classmates
  • Professional Certification Course for Spiritual Life Coaches
  • Coach's 101 Orientation Class
  • Interactive Classes with Instructor
  • Unlimited student to instructor support
  • "See-One", "Do-One", "Teach- One" training method
  • Class recordings
  • How To facilitate Five Core, HuMethod™ Coaching Exercises
  • Spiritual Life Coach's instructional training manual
  • Private Practice Social Media Marketing Consultation
  • Self-Mastery, A Journey Home to Your Inner Self
  • Self-Mastery, A Journey Home to Your Inner Self audiobook
  • How To Coaching Role Play audios of Clinically Proven Coaching Exercises
  • The Awakening, A Transformational Love Story eBook
  • The Human Handbook
  • The Human Handbook audiobook
  • Five Proprietary Diagnostic Coaching Exercises
  • Client diagnostic measurement forms
  • Self-parenting Exercises
  • Meditative Exercises
  • Advanced Life Skill Exercises
  • Dis-creation Exercises
  • Multi-sensory, Intuitive Exercises
  • Ego-mind Training exercises