Part 2 These Beliefs Are Stopping You From Becoming a Financially Successful Spiritual Coach

In this article, I will share what stops many potential teachers, healers, and holistic practitioners from doing the work they were born to do as a full-time, financially successful spiritual coach and what to do about it.

Are These Two Beliefs Stopping You From Becoming a Financially Successful Spiritual Coach or Counselor?


Becoming A Successful Spiritual Coach

In case you didn’t read PART ONE of this lesson, my name is Master Coach Hu and I have been a full-time Transformational Life Coach since 1993. I opened a Spiritual Life Coaching Certification School to teach students how to facilitate clinically proven Spiritual Counseling techniques for souls who want to make a full-time living as Spiritual Teachers.

While interacting with hundreds of my school’s potential students I heard two negative beliefs over and over again that stopped many caring souls from making a good living doing work they were born to do:

In PART TWO I will share why Belief #2- You Cannot Be Wealthy, Famous, and Still Be Spiritual, stops many potential Spiritual Teachers, healers, and holistic practitioners from doing the work they were born to do as a full-time career.

How To Transcend Belief #2

Belief #2 is similar to the belief we discussed in PART ONE, but it goes beyond not charging for your services, but why good souls sabotage their efforts to become wealthy and famous or even just financially secure.

This belief really plagued me and hundreds of my spiritual coaching clients for a very long time.  That’s because I was told that, “the rich man's chances of getting into the kingdom of God are as good as the chance of getting a camel through the eye of a needle.”

How many of us have had that biblical story preached deep into our subconscious minds from the time we were little children?  In essence, what I was incorrectly programmed to believe is that I must remain poor in order to be a good person who is worthy of going to heaven.  What’s ludicrous about these type of sermons is that organized religions are some of the most profitable spiritually based businesses in the world.

The truth is that wealth gives you the freedom and power to be what you already are. Meaning, if you are generous soul than your wealth will give you the means to be very generous. But conversely if you are an angry, greedy person your wealth will make you even more angry and greedy.

Sadly, the financial systems of the earth plane are designed to keep the rich ‘one-percenters’ rich, and to keep the 99% of the working class one paycheck away from being broke.  And that is why it is important for us to grok that metaphysically speaking we agreed to this curriculum before we incarnated, and our curriculum includes learning how to transcend our beliefs of lack.

You Have to Own This Fact First

As spiritual teachers and transformational life coaches and before we can be empowering healers we need to first own that we were born with god-given powers of manifestation and love. So, before we can be effective coaches, counselors, and spiritual teachers we need to transcend our own negative beliefs about wealth, lack and powerlessness.

In other words, we cannot consistently lead our clients out of a state of monetary lack until we have transcended this issue ourselves and are living our lives in a state of financial abundance as financially successful spiritual coaches.

That is why we need to also observe the old-world religious and societal negative money beliefs from the highest spiritual perspective. The best way to do this is to begin by ‘Thanking’ the Universe for this prosperity life lesson, and then quickly detaching yourself using Dis-creation spiritual life coaching exercises.

How To Tell If You Are Resonating Vibration of Lack

How can you tell if you are still vibrationally resonating a lack of money beliefs?

I have facilitated over 20,000 psychospiritual life coaching sessions since 1993, and experience has taught me that many souls are still unconsciously resonating this vibration of lack. This is why they unconsciously sabotage themselves each time they begin to create financial security. For example, many of my transformational life coaching clients suddenly get very ill or create a family crisis just when they are starting to financially succeed.

It is heart-wrenching to watch when this happens to one of my spiritual counseling clients because it stops their progressive realization of their dreams and goals that would enable them to do the work they were born to do with financial security.

Is there a way to release these negative money beliefs about lack?

Yes, by using Self-parenting transformational coaching exercises. You can start with this one. Close your eyes and do your favorite meditative grounding exercise. Then in your alpha state of consciousness ask your Inner Child to tell you what happened in the past where having money, fame or fortune caused you or a caretaker to be hurt, abandoned, or abused.

Once your Inner Child has shown you the event where money, fame, or fortune [or the lack thereof] has caused you or a family member to experience pain and suffering, use the Self-parenting emotional validation exercise to authenticate your feelings and experiences attached to money or the lack of money.


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