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In this article, I will share the last three exercises in the permanent behavioral change formula. These exercises work to teach the client how to fulfill their emotional dependency needs plus how to create and protect their boundaries with others. I will also discuss how HLC Coaches track the client's progress with color coding Self-Mastery Assignments and how this shows the permanent behavioral change progress.

The 8 Most Important HuMethod™ Exercises that Create Permanent Behavioral Change, Series 6- #4 of 4

How To Teach Self-Parenting, Boundaries and Using Color-Coding Self-Mastery Assignments To Show Progress of Permanent Behavioral Change

NAMASTÈ… In this the last lesson about the eight HuMethod™ Coaching Exercises that Create Permanent Behavioral Change I will cover the last three exercises… the Self-Parenting ‘Mirror’ Visualization, and Boundary Mastery coaching exercises, plus why Color Coding written Self-mastery assignments will help your coaching clients Create the Permanent Behavioral Changes that they desire.

Let’s begin with the Self-Parenting Mirror Visualization, but before I do I want to remind you that Video Legacy Series #1 videos 1, 2 and 3 focus exclusively on the benefits you will receive for doing Self-parenting psycho-spiritual work, and Video Series #4, video 5 focuses on teaching you how to facilitate the Self-Parenting ‘Mirror’ Visualization.

Therefore, let’s do a quick review. The primary objective of doing Self-Parenting visualizations is to help you and your coaching clients fulfill their emotional dependency needs that were not met during their childhood. Emotional dependency needs are the intimacy, nurturing, unconditional love, and boundary protection that everyone needs to feel safe, sane, and secure in the world.

Self-parenting visualizations work because every time you practice them they will begin to dilute the emotional intensity of your painful childhood memories, and you will simultaneously begin to replace them with unconditionally loving memories. And if you commit to this healing process, then after a few months your improvements would be clinically quantifiable.

Now let’s discuss Why Boundary Mastery Exercises will help you and your coaching Create the Permanent Behavioral Change that you desire, but before I do again I want to remind you that Video Legacy Series #1, videos 4, 5 and 6 focus exclusively on the benefits you will receive for learning how to protect your Boundaries as an emotionally mature adult.

The three elements of Boundary Exercises that create Permanent Behavioral Change are:

  1. A good Boundary Mastery Education
  2. Learning how to use…Responsibility Communication
  3. And Dispensing Just Enough “Yang” Energy

Receiving a good Boundary Mastery Education is important because most adults are boundary illiterates. So, the first step is to educate your coaching clients about Boundary Mastery using HLC numerous boundary mastery self-mastery exercises and assignments.

The Responsibility Communication Boundary Mastery delivery system will teach you and your coaching clients how to Responsibly Communicate their feelings. This highly functional, step-by-step communication technique, is the tool that you will use to teach your coaching clients how to deliver their boundary mastery communications in an emotionally mature and empowering way, so they can manifest their Permanent Behavioral Change goals.

Lastly, when you teach your coaching clients how to dispense the perfect amount of boundary mastery ‘Yang’ Energy they will learn to Trust that they have the power to protect their boundaries to the right degree, with the right person and in a right Self-mastery way. This will empower them to create the Permanent Behavioral Changes that they desire.

In closing, the #1 BENEFIT why your coaching clients need to learn how to maturely protect their boundaries is they will stop unconsciously using their child-like ego defenses to protect themselves.

The last Permanent Behavioral Change exercise I will cover is Why Color Coding Self-Mastery Assignments [SMAs] will help to Create Permanent Behavioral Change that your coaching clients desire.

I ask all my coaching clients to COLOR CODE their SMAs because it trains them to Transcend from being in intellectual agreement to EMOTIONALIZING their answers. This is important because this helps support my coaching clients to create the Permanent Behavioral Changes because… intellectualizing can be a very subtle ego defense, especially for awakened souls.

Color Coding helps train my coaching client's ego Intellect to be aware of their feelings by associating the colors, etc. with the emotions they are feeling when answering the self-mastery questions about their real-world experiences. An example of why color-coding works is that Chinese people use the color red to decorate their restaurants because it stimulates our emotions to eat.  Color is known to stimulate different human emotions, and that is why professional advertising agencies use colors to help them sell their products.

Color coding helps my clients to expand their right brain, and multi-sensory emotional IQ abilities that are rooted in their Scared hearts and it also helps them become more consciously aware of their non-verbal, Intuitive communications.

In the next series where I will teach you how to use professional, low-budget marketing methods to Build a Successful Holistic Practice

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