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Life Coaching Certification

Is HLC Accredited?

The Hu Method

Yes. HLC is accredited by The Certification and Accreditation Board of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). The AADP is a professional accrediting association which recognizes traditional and non-traditional programs in the United States and around the world. The AADP will offer HLC graduates board certification as a drugless practitioner after our students complete their program at HLC.

Board Certification

HLC graduates qualify for Board Certification through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). The application will be mailed to you upon graduation from any of our programs. Please feel free to call us for further details about AADP Board Certification.

Why Isn’t HLC Accredited with the International Coaches Federation (ICF)?

HLC opened its life coaching school in 1993, which makes it the oldest life coaching and spiritual counseling certification school in the country. HLC acquired its accreditation through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners [AADP] because the International Coach’s Federation [ICF] as well as all the other current accreditation organizations did not exist.

HLC respects the ICF as a professional organization, but HLC has intentionally remained with AADP because they specialize in complimentary, holistic modalities such as: integrative psychiatry, massage therapy, spiritual life coaching, reflexology, Reki, etc.

After HLC’s graduates become certified spiritual life coaches [CSLC] they qualify to become board certified holistic practitioners through AADP, which is more appropriate credentials for our holistic target market than what the IFC’s and other’s offer, which is business or executive coaching credentials.

Today there are several agencies that offer a life coaching accreditation: AADP, IAC, ICF, and USLCA. All of these organizations are independent privately held corporations that are not backed by any one unifying governmental authority. Since 1993 HLC has witnessed many accreditation businesses open and close its doors, and that is why we are proud of our long standing relationship with AADP.

What are the laws in my state? Do I need a license?

Students are responsible for determining the legal issues involved in opening a holistic practice as a spiritual Life Coach. The laws differ in each state or locality and our policy is to not offer detailed legal information. We recommend you contact your state or local government for legal interpretations, conduct Internet research or visit your public library as it is important for you to know what your legal boundaries are as a spiritual life coach.

Is HLC regulated by any governmental agency?

HLC is a spiritual life coaching school and therefore we are not regulated by any regional or national governmental agency because of the separation of church and state granted to all Americans in the US Constitution.

Does HLC hire graduates?

Yes, HLC’s rapid growth is creating career opportunities for Professional Certification course graduates. HLC has a Residency Program where we hire our best grads to do life coaching and training. If the new grad does well as an HLC resident then he or she can then apply to become either an HLC Affiliate or apply for full time employment.

HLC’s hiring cycle will continue until we fill the current positions for spiritual life coaches, trainers and our National public workshop Intensives.

Residency Program “Learn while you Earn”

HLC’s residency program is a strict, well supervised educational process. It is only offered to HLC’s top Professional Certified (PC) graduates. The reason for this is because as an HLC resident you must “respond with professional ability” because all residents have a fiduciary (legal), as well as a psycho-spiritual responsibility to train, and spiritual life coach (SLC) with a high degree of professionalism.

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