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            We all have innate senses but not all of us channel them as deeply as others. We all have the potential to channel these amazing gifts if we have the right tools to do so. And when we take the time to hone our skills we can help others do the same. This is the role of a spiritual counselor. As a spiritual counselor, you will help people help themselves and provide them with the guidance and leadership they desperately seek as they begin their journey to bettering themselves. Spiritual counselors help people transcend what they perceive as limitations.


            What is spiritual life coaching? It is a comprehensive approach to life coaching that takes every aspect of the individual into account to get the best results. Do you think you have what it takes to become a spiritual counselor? Are you often approached by friends and family with problems and concerns because they know they can trust you to keep what they tell you confidential? Do you often feel like you empathize with people and can offer insightful advice to their plights? Are you a natural leader that inherently draws people close to you, sometimes without even realizing it? If you feel that these are qualities you possess then you should most certainly look into becoming a spiritual counselor and put your gifts to work for you.


            Becoming a spiritual counselor allows you to work anywhere in the world. In the United States counseling is regulated and you should look into the laws for your particular state to make sure you get the proper credentials to practice. While looking into schools it is important to find spiritual methods that are recognized by the Accreditation Board of the American Associated of Drugless Practitioners. This is a professional board that recognizes both traditional and nontraditional programs around the world. Spiritual counselors tend to have more of a limited scope of duties to their client than an official mental health counselor. However, both professions can often be intertwined, depending on the approach the counselor wants to take. A spiritual counselor may or may not have a graduate degree to practice. Being a spiritual counselor is not limited by religion, either. Each person, regardless of faith, has an individual path to becoming a spiritual counselor often shaped by their personal belief system. You can make the choice to incorporate your personal beliefs into your counseling, or not.


            Becoming a spiritual counselor isn’t for every person but for some people it is the perfect way of utilizing their innate skill sets to help people become their absolute best. Spiritual counseling can offer people the freedom to become their own boss and define their own personal success, while aiding others in achieving their own definition of success. Being a spiritual counselor is a challenging profession that also has many rewards. If you feel as though becoming a spiritual counselor is the right career path for you, be sure to seek out more information and become knowledgeable about your path to follow your dream.

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