Frequently Asked Questions

"To be on a quest is nothing more or less than to become an asker of questions."
-Sam Keen

Have Questions About HLC?
Well, you’ve come to the right page. We’ve compiled a list of FAQ’s regarding our company that may help you better understand. Call us with other questions at 1.888.452.0878.

The Hu Method
  • Q: Is HLC Associated with any church or religion?
    A: HLC is neither a church nor a ministry, nor does HLC attest to any particular religious point of view. HLC is strictly a non-sectarian educational organization of higher learning that provides courses and educational products for spiritually awakened students.
  • Q: What is Spiritual Life Coaching?
    A: It is a comprehensive or holistic approach to coaching that empowers individuals to create the life they desire.
  • Q: What does Holistic mean?
    A: It is a study of the whole.
  • Q: What does Spiritual mean?
    A: Concerned with or affecting the soul.
  • Q: What does Self-Mastery Mean?
    A: We have defined Self-Mastery as having control over the mind to such a degree that an individual can go beyond their external circumstances to manifest their desires and think and feel better.
  • Q: What does clinically-tested mean?
    A: The term clinically tested means that for more than 25 years, HLC has tested hundreds of exercises on thousands of students to prove what works and what does not.
  • Q: How does the HuMethod work?
    A: The HuMethod works because it incorporates tools that enable students to stay conscious, which helps them to see, feel and heal (correct) their issues by studying, practicing, and emotionalizing experiential exercises in a regimented and supervised manner.
  • Q: What does a certification from HLC mean?
    A: Graduates of HLC’s accredited curriculum are qualified to be Board Certified, Holistic Practitioners by AADP – the Accreditation Board of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. The AADP is a professional association, which recognizes traditional and nontraditional programs around the world.
  • Q: Does HLC Offer Payment Programs?
    A: YES, HLC offers a variety of payment options, making it possible for you regardless of your financial circumstances (95% approval rate).
  • Q: How does the HuMethodô compare to people and organizations such as Byron Katie, Avatar, Unity and Science of Mind?
    A: YES, the work of people such as Byron Katie are excellent and HLC respects the work that she and other organizations such as Unity have done. Now, in comparison if you want a quick glance about what HLCís HuMethodô is, I would like you to imagine adding 50 more of Byron Katieís type of exercises and clinically field testing them on thousands of people for two decades to see which ones work the best on the most number of people in the shortest period of time. If you can imagine that, then you can understand why HLCís HuMethodô is a life coaching healing modality and that is why it quickly creates permanent behavioral change for our students and clients.

    The most important thing that I want you to understand about the HuMethodô is that it is the first and only life coaching healing modality available in the world today. Its creation mirrors the same way that all legitimate healing modalities, such as chiropractic, are created, which is over a period of time that takes decades, not years (HLC was established in 1993 unlike most schools who are barely 5 years old).

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