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The Awakening, a Transformational Love Story


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Master Coach Hu Dalconzo's Amazon #1 Best Seller is Spiritual Life Coaching come to life in this vivid story of love, loss, and transformational awakening.

The Law of Attraction is set into motion by an unspeakable tragedy. Through his grief, a young man is drawn to his spiritual teacher. Together, they discover the closest thing to heaven on earth, a Consciously Awakened, Loving Relationship. Tormented by grief and loss, Mark Celli makes the decision to end his life when, unexpectedly, the life of his spiritual teacher, Paula, is plunged into grave danger. During a heart-pounding rescue, Mark and Paula realize that their bond transcends the boundaries of a single lifetime.

Paula’s near-death vision reveals ancient Universal Truths, which causes the spiritual partners to travel across space and time to the Source of Love. What they find there may just help save humanity. As each Secret of Transformational Awakening is revealed, you will be infused with a new-found enthusiasm for living a more empowered life. After completing this life-altering course it will be impossible for you to view the world in quite the same way ever again.

"Master Coach Hu uses the pretext of fictional characters to help us awaken to the awareness of our Higher Selves. This book takes us one step closer to the Self-realization that we are all One via the Namasté consciousness."
-Mihaela Plugarasu, M.S.
Professor, FIU College of Communication

"Hu’s book teaches you that even in your darkest moment there is always a path to transformation. Never have I read a book where I can lose myself in the characters as they intuitively grow together along their life journey.  It's life-changing!"
-Tim Ray Founder of U.I.F. a Non-Profit Organization and Radio Host for United Intentions Radio

“The Awakening shows us, step by step, how to advance to the next spiritual level and be all we can be. I can’t think of any more important goal to devote ourselves to. Master Coach Hu is a visionary whose guidance can literally
“lead us home.”

–Nancy J. Wasson, Ph.D.


The Awakening Unfolds on Three Interwoven Levels:

  • The Love Story - experienced by the two main characters Paula and Mark
  • The Vision Quest Action Adventures - where the characters transcend time and space as they are catapulted to all corners of the world, and
  • The Life-Altering Coaching Lessons, which are explained in simple terms that you can apply to your life NOW.
CSLC, Coach Rosa Explains The Awakening Book

All the experiences described in The Awakening a Transformational Love Story are drawn from the lives of real people who the author, Master Coach Hu Dalconzo, worked with over several decades of his Spiritual Life Coaching career.  One of the Self-empowering gifts of this book is that you will learn important Self-mastery skills as the characters learn how to transcend their psycho-spiritual, life challenges.

  • Why it is important not to deny any element of your personal history
  • About the polarized struggle, where your ego tries to preserve your separateness and why your Spirit seeks to merge into the unity of all things
  • Why one of the biggest challenges of life is to not mistake the image of reality for reality itself
  • How to free yourself from the hallucinations of an ego-dominated self, and instead, help you identify who you are as Consciousness
  • Accept the fact that there is a Universal Intelligence greater than your ego-intellect, and when you surrender to its power that is when spontaneous manifestation happens, and your ego-mind isn’t doing it

Remember that you are eligible to receive a *tuition credit towards the HuMethod™ Certified Spiritual Life Coaching Certification Course [CSLC]. Plus, ALL of your Spiritual Transformation Course submissions can be transferred to help you meet your certification program requirements for up to one year.

We Believe That In Order To Transform Our Planet
The First Step Is To Detach From Our Egos,
And With Balanced Masculine and Feminine, Yin and Yang Energy
Demonstrate We Have The Courage To Do Our Own Inner Work First.
Then to Use Our Self-Empowerment To
Help Transcend Humanity’s Systemic Problems
And Support Humankind to...
Remember, We Are One, We Are Love,
We Are Each One Cell in a Body Called Humankind,
And We Are All Interconnected via the Namasté Consciousness!

As the founder of HLC, a 25-year-old Spiritual Life Coaching School, I’ve learned that an Awakened Person is a... Warrior of the Heart. I challenge other Conscious Souls who are also Warriors of the Heart to join me in this Spiritual Evolution of Love.

The important thing to remember is that we cannot transform our dysfunctional systems with the same thinking that created them. That is why I have faith that the souls who read The Awakening Love Story will use its teachings to support themselves, and others, to do their required self-help work; then together we can contribute to the Critical Mass needed to co-create a Global Transformation of Love.

I believe that in doing this, our grandchildren’s grandchildren will enjoy the same Mother Earth that... We Are Now Being Challenged To Save!


-Master Coach Hu