The Dual Licensing Life Coaching Program...

Is the Best Transformational Growth Practitioner Opportunity in the Self-help Industry, Designed to Jumpstart Your Success By Teaching You:

  1. Cutting Edge Workshop Leader Proprietary Facilitation Techniques.
  2. How to Facilitate Clinically Proven Trademarked Self-growth exercises for your Seminars, Workshops, Book Study Groups and Private Practice that will quickly Increase Your Income.

If you are a seminar leader, life coach, motivational trainer, author, teacher, sales trainer, therapist or a holistic practitioner [etc.] who wants to be licensed, trained and supported to be a successful Seminar Leader then HLC’s offer could be a dream come true for you.

HLC’s Dual Licensing Life Coaching Program is the most effective in the industry with over 30 years of an impeccable reputation for the delivery of educational services promised.

HLC’s life-altering facilitation techniques can be conducted in-person or online, with small groups under 10 or large groups of 100+. If qualified, you will be taught how to facilitate proprietary and trademarked interactive self-growth exercises that have transformed people’s lives since 1993.

HLC’s dual licensing training focuses on teaching you how to facilitate the… five most popular workshops in the self-growth industry.

If you are accepted into the program you will be taught how to build your workshop business and/or practice with step-by-step instructions using a copy/paste “franchise” type of success system. Plus, as an HLC licensee, you will be able to piggyback on HLC’s 30-year impeccable reputation, which will help you jump-start your success.

Remember with HLC you’ll be in business for yourself, BUT- not by yourself.

Primary Educational Goal of HLC’s Workshop License

The primary educational goal of HLC’s DLP Workshop License is to teach you to use seminars, workshops and/or book study groups [scalable to a person’s abilities] to build your business or practice [either in person or online] using exclusive workshop techniques that HLC has successfully delivered since 1977.

During the Workshop License portion of the program, you will learn how to Synergistically Integrate HLC’s proprietary workshop methods WITH the HuMethod’s™ trademarked Self-growth exercises.

By using HLC’s Experiential Workshop Methodology, you will demonstrate to your workshop attendees that your Self-growth coaching exercises are life-altering, and that is what will skyrocket your B.O.R. income producing sales.

Have you read HLC’s FREE eBook about why your B.O.R. sales are the core Income Producing Trade Secret of the seminar industry?

Please Note...

HLC’s One-of-a-Kind Dual Licensing Program
requires all applicates be approved by
HLC’s Founder, Master Coach Hu,
because the class will be limited to 12 students.

If Approved, HLC’s Dual Licensing Life Coaching Program Includes:

  • A 10-week, 2-hour per week live teleconference video training. Plus, you will be sent a recording of each class so you can re-listen to the empowering info as often as you like until you master it.

  • How to facilitate the 5 most sought after Self-growth workshops using B.O.R. income-producing trade secrets facilitating HLC’s clinically proven trademarked self-growth exercises.

  • 72- audio recordings of HLC’s proprietary self-growth exercises being facilitated ‘live’ by the founder Master Coach Hu and his staff.

  • HLC’s step-by-step “franchise” type of success system that includes Lesson Plans, Exercises, and Marketing Materials.

  • Two digital Dual Licensing Training Manuals [500+ pages], one for each of your proprietary licenses [the option to upgrade to hard copies is also available].

  • Two of Master Coach Hu’s digital self-growth books, Self-mastery- a Journey Home to Your Inner Self, and The Human Handbook [the option to upgrade to hard copies is also available].

  • Plus You Will Receive the Marketing Support That You Need To Be Successful:

    It doesn’t matter whether you are a polished seminar leader, a successful holistic practitioner or you are developing a new workshop business from the ground up, HLC's Marketing Support will supply you with everything you need to build a successful workshop business or practice. In fact, many students launch a book study group to fine-tune their public speaking skills and begin to make money even before they graduate.

    Licensee Sales support materials include- ad copy, enrollment scripts and emails, workshop promo videos, access to HLC's social media community, and email opt-in list, field-tested and proven key search terms, both organic and pay-per-click and so much more.


Are You ready to Jump-Start Your Success by using Workshops, Seminars or,
Book Study Groups using Clinically Proven Self-growth Exercises?

Maybe you don’t have a degree or a self-growth holistic certification yet.
OR- you have a healing modality, but you lack the marketing and public speaking
“How To” knowledge to build your business or expand your practice.

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Did You Know That The Self-help Seminar Industry is a $10 Billion Dollar Market?

The popularity of TV shows such as the Oprah Winfrey Show, as well as the sale of millions of copies of books such as The Secret is PROOF that millions of people want to expand their advanced life skills, by attending Self-growth Seminars, Workshops, and in Book Study Groups.

Most non-professionals DO NOT realize that only TEN PERCENT [10%] of professional public speaker’s income is derived from registration fees. And that NINETY PERCENT [90%] of their income is derived from their Back-of-Room [BOR] Sales.

The best kept trade secret in the seminar industry is how the top self-help trainers earn 6-figure incomes conducting their workshops. The core of this Industry SECRET is called Back-of-Room-Sales [B.O.R.]. This means that professional public speakers know that offering additional services, books, courses etc. at their back-of-the-room display is where they earn most of their income.

As an HLC Licensee you can use your own books, products or services to enhance your B.O.R. sales. OR- you can choose to use some of HLC’s B.O.R. Books, Courses, Coaching Sessions, and HLC will pay you a handsome fee. HLC will deliver any of the services that you do not want to facilitate so you can focus on building a successful self-growth workshop business. Plus- an additional benefit is if you register any of your attendees for HLC’s Dual Licensing Program then HLC will train your future workshop team members for you.

An Amazing [but not typical] Self-Help Seminar B.O.R. Income Example- is the Peak Potential Seminars Inc. who facilitate Millionaire Mind Workshops. They produce 25+ Millionaire Mind Workshops a year, and their Back of the Room [B.O.R.] Sales range from $1 million to $ 4.5 million per weekend.

Peak Potential Seminar Leaders attribute their extraordinary financial success because of the value delivered to their attendees during their workshops. This is the same reason why HLC’s workshops have been successful because we have been delivering life-altering value for our workshop attendees since 1977.

“This Sounds Very Exciting,
But I Don’t Have Any Public Speaking Experience?”

Learn How to Overcome Your Own Fear of Public Speaking

No One is Born a Great Public Speaker...

That is why an important aspect of HLC’s Dual Licensing Program [DLP] is designed to help students overcome their fear of public speaking. The curriculum includes light-hearted and entertaining role-playing exercises that will quickly improve your workshop facilitation skills and increase your self-confidence. This way, you can have fun facilitating workshops while also educating your audience about your additional holistic services.

The Dual 10-week Licensing Program will...

drastically cut your business development time because we teach you everything that you need to know about seminar marketing to build a successful practice on a shoestring budget. We start by teaching you how to Scale Your Workshops for small study groups to large workshops of 50 or more guests.

After you complete HLC’s dual licensing program you will be granted TWO LICENSES. One to conduct your own HLC Workshops,  Seminars, and Book Study  Groups using HLC’s Proven Success System,  and the second license to professionally facilitate HLC’s trademarked self-growth exercises.  Remember with HLC you’ll be in business for yourself, BUT- not by yourself.

It Only Takes a Few People To Create Group Dynamics

You only need a  few people to create the group dynamics needed for  HLC’s experiential exercises to work effectively.  Facilitating HLC’s experiential exercises is what makes being a Workshop Leader an exciting and prosperous way to market your business or practice.

Here is an Example of how you can use workshop marketing to increase your income and promote your services at the same time.  Let’s say you register eight people for a Conscious  Relationship  Study  Group,  where you meet once a week, for eight weeks. You can use HLC’s Spiritual Relationship Mastery chapter alone as your study group workbook, or you can modify it by adding your favorite info about Conscious Relationships. Your guests will be impressed not only by what they learn but also by what they intuitively experience by you facilitating HLC’s proven workshop exercises.

“If You Enjoy Teaching and Training, Then Facilitating Workshops Using HLC’s Exercises
Will be a Fun and Prosperous Way to Market Your Business.”
-Sabrina Rose, Executive Director

One essential reason why your guests will be motivated to register for additional B.O.R.  services is because they will have emotionally bonded with you as their workshop leader, and also because they will bond by interacting with other attendees. This means that they will trust you, so they will feel safe and comfortable investing in your B.O.R. services, courses, etc..

Workshop Marketing can be very financially rewarding. For example, if you only charge your study group of eight $50 per group session, for an 8-week program, you will earn $3,200 enjoying yourself doing the work you love. This does not include any B.O.R. sales of your services and/or HLC’s courses, programs, books, etc. Therefore, if your BOR sales was only one of the eight attendees, and the only extra BOR services was one life coaching client who registered for the typical 30-sessions at $100 per session [HLC recommends that you charge $150 per session] then your workshop will have produced for you an income of $6,200. Not bad for facilitating one 8-week workshop doing the work you were born to do.

Remember with HLC…
You’ll be in business for yourself, BUT‐ not by yourself.

Read Ron Della’s True Story About How He Overcame His Fear of Public Speaking and Became a Very
Successful Workshop Leader

Testimonials of What People Have Experienced After an HLC Workshop

LIFE Pics from several SeminarCropped

These tender moments are of Master Coach Hu and Coach Avalaura and Coach Sandro and Coach Benu along with 2nd seat trainers using visual tools to make their point during different lessons of the seminar and moments from the Saturday night awards and improv show.

Example of HLC’s Marketing Sales Tools
For Your Practice, Workshops, Intensives & Book Studying Groups

FB Shared Image- Relationship With

Conscious Relationships Seminar Training

This is an example of a Licensee Sales Tool,
Imagine Leading One of These Seminars
For YOUR Private Practice

Free Marketing Support for Dual Licensees and Life Coaching Certification Students

Whether you are a workshop leader, a practitioner with an established holistic practice or you are developing a public seminar workshop business or coaching practice from the ground up, HLC's marketing support will be instrumental in helping you make a prosperous income. 

Many of our Dual License and certification students use our proven marketing techniques to immediately start registering paying clients even before they complete their educational training program.


HLC's Exceptional Marketing Support Includes:

  • Free Self-growth e-Books and Audiobooks to Pass Onto Your Potential Clients: You will be given FREE monthly Self-growth e-Books and Audiobooks [retail value of $25] to share with as many prospective clients as you can to show them the empowering work you will be using to help them achieve their self-help goals.
  • Learn Marketing Strategies: You will be taught marketing strategies used by world-class workshop Leaders, Coaches and Holistic Practitioners, which will help you create a steady stream of new clients.
  • HLC will for FREE Promote of Your Workshop Business or Private Practice 2X a Year: HLC’s Dual Licensing and Certification Students marketing support includes the promotion of your business 2X a year to HLC’s large e-Mail list and social media holistic community.
  • Upgrade Your Workshop Business or Practice: Learn how to launch or upgrade your business or holistic practice with a one-on-one marketing training meeting with an experienced HLC coach.

The HuMethod™ Self-growth Coaching Exercises
Will Create Life-altering Experiences for Your Workshop Attendees
and also for Your Transformational Life Coaching Clients

HuMethod Logo Trans

Primary Educational Goal of HLC’s Trademarked Self-growth License

The primary educational goal of HLC’s Trademarked DLP Self-growth Exercises License is to teach you to professionally facilitate the Five Core HuMethod’s™ Clinically Proven Exercises.

The instructional purpose for teaching you to facilitate these life-altering exercises, is so you can use them to help your transformational life coaching clients achieve their self-help goals either individually or in a group. Plus, you will learn how to synergistically integrate these empowering exercises into your seminars, workshops and/or book study groups, which will ignite your B.O.R. income producing sales.

HLC’s proprietary, clinically proven Self-growth exercises, which after decades of field-testing has evolved into an empowering healing modality called the HuMethod™. HLC’s licensees use HLC’s HuMethod™ proven exercises to help their workshop attendees and clients to quickly achieve their self-growth objectives.

The HuMethod™'s empowering transformational workshop exercises take the abstract concept of Self-Mastery and break it down into Self-nurturing exercises that are guaranteed to help your attendees achieve their workshop goals as quickly as is humanly possible.

Since 1977, Master Coach Hu Dalconzo and his staff have been clinically testing, and retesting hundreds of self-help exercises that were developed by dozens of nationally known self-help leaders, such as Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Brene Brown, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, Carolyn Myss, Deepak Chopra, Ram Dass plus hundreds more.

Certified Coach Deletha Explains
Why She Choose HLC’s Transformational Certification School

Certified Coach Tammy,
Explains How HLC's Certification Course
Enhanced Her Already Established
Holistic Counseling Practice

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