Confessions of a “POSTER CHILD”

Sharing my emotionally intimate experiences contained in the attached doc… Makes My Ego Feel Vulnerable. And yet revealing these Truths about my life lessons that I needed to learn, and the karma that I needed to burn is also… VERY LIBERATING.

My Spiritual Journey of Awakening began in 1977 when I was 25-years old. That was when I began “deep diving” into my wounded Inner child’s incarnational curriculum, which was rooted in Fear, Insecurity, and a Feeling That No Matter What I DidI WAS NOT SAFE.

The GOOD NEWS is as the decades passed, I came to realize that my KARMIC CURSE was also my DHARMIC BLESSING”. Meaning my egoic fear and insecurity drove me, via its pain and suffering, to co-create clinically proven, psycho-spiritual coaching exercises. This is why I really am my transformational coaching school’s- “POSTER CHILD.”

I have spent four decades “Giving Away What I Most Needed To Learn And Heal.” And while doing so, my staff and I clinically measured which coaching exercises helped the greatest amount of people make the permanent changes they sought in the shortest period of time. These proprietary, well field-tested exercises-- ARE NOT magical or mysterious--- because Self-mastery, like every type of “mastery” is spelled ---WORK!

By god’s grace, and thousands of field hours, I managed to convert my KARMIC LEMONS into SELF-HELP LEMONADE, which allowed me and hundreds of our students and clients transform our lives, so we could play in the world as emotionally mature, empowered adults.

The attached SELF-PROGRAMMING AFFIRMATION “Gift” is titled, --Transcending the Egoic Voice Inside My Head. May this “gift” lighten your incarnational Journey Home To Your Inner Self in the same way that my transformational teachers helped me put… my 800 pound “egoic” gorilla on a psycho-spiritual “diet”.

Namastè -Master Coach Hu Dalconzo,
Founder of HLC, Inc. a Spiritual Life Coaching School

Est. 1993