Are You a VICTIM? Or a SPIRITUAL WARRIOR? 8 of 8 Part 2

8 of 8 Part 2
Core Principles of a- Spiritual Warrior

Paraphrased by
Master Coach Hu Dalconzo
from the works of Eckhart Tolle,
Jack Kornfield & Steve Siebold
See Everyone as the Buddha, or Christ-
Just as difficult circumstances can be
an opportunity for growth,
so can interactions with souls who have
challenging or emotionally immature personalities.
See every difficult person you encounter as…
Christ in disguise.
See them as someone who has come
to teach you a lesson about life or yourself.
Ask your Self,
“What is the Universe trying to teach me?”
Do Something that They Are Afraid of Every Day.
To be able to do anything amazing,
you need to be able to act
despite the F.E.A.R. that you are feeling.
Acting when you’re afraid is a learned skill.
The more you do it, the better you’ll get at it.
Every day find ways to practice small acts of courage,
and be willing to do things that are
outside your normal paradigm box.
Whatever you’re afraid of, practice doing it,
and you will discover that it gets…
Easier and Easier To Do.
Feel and Release Their Painful Emotions.
Your FEELINGS are Intuitive messages
that are sent to you by your Spirit.
Your uncomfortable feelings aren’t bad or wrong;
they are just emotional signals that
you are out of harmony with your Self.
When you resist, repress or deny your healing feelings,
you disconnect from your inner God-self.
As you learn how to interpret the
Language of Your Feelings,
you will be able to row your boat
serenely down God’s river of life.