5 of 6- The Top Three Ways To Protect Your Boundaries [in any situation]

Master Coach Hu dives deeper into the second foundational lesson he uses with Coaching clients, "there are 3 core elements NEEDED to protect your boundaries, which are"... 

Master Coach Hu's Training Series 1, #5 of 6

Three Core Elements Needed to Protect Your Boundaries

NAMASTÈ… my name is Master Coach Hu, and my Spiritual Journey of Awakening began in 1977 when I was 25-years old. That was when I began “deep diving” into my wounded Inner child’s incarnational curriculum, which was rooted in Fear, Insecurity, and a Feeling That No Matter What I DidI WAS NOT SAFE.

The GOOD NEWS is as the decades passed, I came to realize that my KARMIC CURSE was also my DHARMIC BLESSING.” Meaning my egoic fear and insecurity drove me, via its pain and suffering, to co-create clinically proven, psycho-spiritual coaching exercises. This is why I am my transformational coaching school’s- “POSTER CHILD.”

The Title of this Video is the… Three Core Elements Needed to Protect your Boundaries, which are Education, Responsibility Communication and Dispensing, just enough- Yang Energy

  1. Education: Almost everyone I ever worked with since 1977 were boundary mastery illiterate. So, the first step is to do the Boundary Mastery SMAs and Yang Exercises because “it is easy for a person of knowledge to obtain their objectives, but it is very difficult for a person who is boundary illiterate.”
  2. Responsibility Communication: This highly functional communication technique is the tool that you will use to defend your boundaries of distance or intrusion are breached. When you learn how to ‘communicate responsibly’ you will be able to teach people how to respect your boundaries, which will help you to feel safe in the world. This communication technique will be explained in detail in a future Video series. In a future video, I will teach you about Responsibility Communication, but for now, I will share the two most important elements, which are the 72-hour rule and L.A.D. Rule.
  3. Dispensing Just Enough “Yang” Energy: Practicing the Yang-Yin [No-Yes] Boundary Mastery Exercise will help you learn how to dispense the perfect amount of energy to protect your boundaries to the right degree, with the right person and in a right Self-mastered way.

Remember, BOUNDARY MASTERY skills teach you to always BE willing to vote with your feet and leave when what you are experiencing isn't of love and light.

In the next lesson, which is the last in this series, I will share with you Why Healthy Relationship Boundaries Require Various Amounts of Openness.