Part 1- How To Build & Market a Successful Holistic Practice… on a Shoestring Budget

This prosperity article series is for practitioners who want to learn how to build, grow, or expand their holistic practice.

How to Build, Market and Grow Your Practice #1 of 2

How To Build & Market a Successful Holistic Practice… on a Shoestring Budget

NAMASTÈ… on this the first video in this series I will talk about my Marketing Training Manual that I revised with Coach Avalaura to teach you How To Build & Market a Successful Holistic Practiceon a Shoestring Budget. This Prosperity Training Manual is for practitioners who want to learn how to Build, Grow, or Expand their Holistic Practices.

I worked with HLC graduate Coach Avalaura because she has built a very successful private coaching practice. So, together for several months, we focused our research on the marketing methods that are the most effective and just as important the least expensive ways for you to build a financially abundant holistic practice.

Building your holistic practice is very similar to being a parent of a young child. Meaning, you must be willing to nurture your practice, and give it what it needs to grow and prosper. The process of building your practice is a 'labor of love'. This means that you must invest your time, money, and most importantly your inner Self-growth, because your holistic practice cannot grow beyond your level of Spiritual Transformation.

I’m proud to say that this simple-to-use training manual will give you all the business tools you need to make your practice… TAKE-OFF. That’s because we intentionally wrote this informative manual for Life Coaches, Counselors, Reiki Masters, Nurses, Massage Therapists, Yoga Instructors, or any other kind of holistic practitioner to help you do the work you love as a full-time career.

This empowering manual is unique because in addition to learning the business skills you need to build a successful holistic practice, you will be taught how to use DIS-CREATION Coaching EXERCISES. These proprietary coaching exercises will surface and heal your unconscious, negative beliefs that are sabotaging your efforts to build a successful holistic practice, which I will discuss in more detail on the next video.

TO BE DIRECT… What’s the use of knowing the value of your healing modality’s healing techniques if you don’t know how to market them to as many souls as possible?

That is why I designed this Training Manual to Teach You How To:

  • Legally set up your holistic practice to take advantage of the tax benefits
  • Use low-budget ways to market your holistic practice
  • Create free or inexpensive websites
  • Use seminars and workshops to build your practice
  • Facilitate book study groups
  • Register clients at holistic health and wellness fairs and shows
  • Use Free social media to educate your clients about your services
  • Place inexpensive, targeted Facebook ads
  • Facilitate book study groups
  • Place Google Ad Words pay per click [PPC] inexpensive Ads

This business training manual will help you market your holistic practice on a shoestring budget because it contains my HLC colleagues and graduates, plus my own collective field experience gained since 1977. And we are now transferring hundreds of pages of prosperity information to you so you can make a full time living doing the work you were born to do.

A spiritually-based business teacher of mine Jim Rohn told me, You can learn from my mistakes or your own. The Choice Is Yours!”

Now I would like to share with you a few tips how to effectively Use This Training Manual. Use the different sections of your manual as a “How To” guide for building and marketing your holistic practice. For example, use

  • Sections A, B and C to help you to legally launch your professional holistic practice.
  • Section D 1-4 will give you numerous ways to build your practice on a shoestring budget.
  • And Sections E-J are your business encyclopedia for information about time management, advertising, the art of handling clients and co-workers, marketing, business meta-laws, and professional management techniques.

In closing, the most important thing to remember to get the most out of this wealth of business and marketing knowledge is that when questions arise, your first action should be to “look it up” in your training manual and follow the guidelines for addressing a particular business or marketing challenge or goal that you intend to achieve or overcome.

In the next blog post, I will explain why you NEED TO learn how to use DIS-CREATION Coaching EXERCISES to surface and heal your unconscious, negative beliefs about money and prosperity that might be sabotaging your efforts to build a successful holistic practice.

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