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A great way to promote your services as a Coach is through your sangha community, whether that's through a yoga studio or social media. Here's another great way to introduce Coaching lessons to clients.

Four Ways To Increase Client Session Retention, #1 of 4

How to Use The Awakening, a Transformational Love Story To Gently Introduce Life-Changing Coaching Lessons to Clients or Potential Clients

NAMASTÈ… on this first post in this series, I will explain how HuMethod™ Certified Spiritual Life Coaches use my book The Awakening- a Transformational Love Story to recruit new Coaching clients.
The Awakening, a Transformational Love Story is based on two main characters Paula and Mark whose story of love, loss, and Transformational Awakening unfolds throughout the book.

I’m proud, and to be honest, somewhat amazed, that The Awakening book was a #1 BEST SELLER on Amazon for several weeks.
I intentionally used the pretext of fictional characters to help the reader subtly awaken to the understanding that their Higher Inner Selves lives within them. Many of my coaching clients have told me that they lost themselves in the characters as if what was happening in the book was happening to them.

Lastly, I wanted this inspiring love story to teach the reader that even in their darkest moments they can use the life coaching tools that the characters in the book learn to help them to spiritually awaken to live the life they have imagined.

The Awakening book Unfolds on Three Interwoven Levels:

  1. The Love Story - experienced by the two main characters Paula and Mark
  2. The Vision Quest Action Adventures - where the characters transcend time and space as they are catapulted to all corners of the world, and
  3. The Life-Altering Spiritual Coaching Lessons, which are explained in simple terms that you can apply to your life NOW.

One reason why Spiritual Life Coaches use The Awakening book as a tool to recruit new coaching clients is because the reader wants to be coached using the same techniques as the two main characters.

Many Spiritual Life Coaches start Awakening Book Study Groups, and we help them to do that with a complete, FREE “How To” Study Guide.

It is important to note that all the experiences described in The Awakening book were drawn from the lives of real people such as family and friend, but mostly from souls I worked with since 1993 as a full time Spiritual Life Coach. I intentionally wrote the book so that you, the reader, will learn life-altering Self-mastery coaching skills, right along with the story’s characters as they learn chapter by chapter how to transcend their psycho-spiritual, life challenges.

This altruistic love story begins when the Law of Attraction sets into motion the opening plot by way of an unspeakable tragedy. Through his grief, a young man is drawn to his spiritual teacher. Together, they discover the closest thing to heaven on earth, which is a... Consciously Awakened, Loving Relationship.

Tormented by grief and loss, Mark Celli makes the decision to end his life when, unexpectedly, the life of his spiritual teacher, Paula, is plunged into grave danger. During a heart-pounding rescue, Mark and Paula realize that their bond transcends the boundaries of a single lifetime.

Paula’s near-death vision reveals ancient Universal Truths, which causes the spiritual partners to travel across space and time to the Source of Love. What they find there may just help save humanity. As each Secret of Transformational Awakening is revealed, you will be infused with a newfound enthusiasm for living a more empowered life. After completing this life-altering book it will be impossible for you to view the world in quite the same way ever again.

It is important to mention that many Spiritual Life Coaches have found that creating The Awakening book study groups using HLC’s ‘How to’ Create and Facilitate Study Groups Booklet has helped them register a consistent flow of new coaching clients.

Although this romantic story is heartfelt, the underlying message of spiritual awakening and its rewards are simplistically outlined and easy to understand. The book inspires and teaches readers how to raise their collective consciousness from that of fear and violence to one of love and compassion.

The message of The Awakening has never been more relevant and compelling than it is today with all of our GLOBAL CHALLENGES. As we acquire the skills and knowledge to grow spiritually using the life lessons taught within the pages of this inspirational book, we will then be able to help to create the Critical Mass required to SAVE the… HuMans to co-create the spiritually conscious world we so desperately need.

My dharmic Mission For writing The Awakening book was rooted in my belief that in order to transform our planet the first step is to demonstrate we have the courage to do our own inner work first. Then to use our Self-empowerment to help transcend humanity’s systemic problems knowing that we are each one cell in a body called humankind.

On the next post, I will explain how HuMethod™ Spiritual Life Coaches use the coach’s textbook Self-mastery- a Journey Home to Your Inner Self to help their coaching clients achieve their psycho-spiritual goals as fast as is humanly possible.

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