Are You Charging Too Little… For Your Coaching Servies? 1 of 3

This article describes what the most common hurdle is for certified Spiritual Life Coaches growing their private practice and what to do about it.

I came across an article by Stefan James that resonated with me so much that I needed to pass it along to our community of Coaches. In HLC's over 20 years of certifying Coaches one major hurdle for a lot of students is How To Charge For Sessions. Much of this is taken care of in our program because we skyrocket our student's confidence in their Coaching abilities. Mr. James's good sound advice and unique perspective can make a massive difference to your private practice

Here Are Three Reasons Why You Might Be Charging Too Little for Your Spiritual Life Coaching Services…

  1. People Perceive Spiritual Life Coaching as a Highly-Personalized, High-End Service That's what they're looking for, and it's what they want to buy. When you charge less, consciously or unconsciously, to the potential client you look like a bargain- coach who will deliver on bargain results. An HLC Spiritual Life Coaching session provides dramatic results, and if the price tag is inconsistent with that, you run the risk of either confusing people, or consciously or unconsciously, people will think “If it costs that little it must not be that good”.
  2. When People Buy a High-End Service, They're Saying to Themselves, 'I'm worth it!' And that’s the feeling they want to experience. When someone decides it's time to hire a Spiritual Life Coach to help them transform their karmic ‘learns and burns,' that’s the pleasure principle that they want to feel. Subliminally, they may feel skeptical if you don’t charge them at least an industry standard coaching fee like any professional psychotherapist, MD, chiropractor, etc. would.
  3. The More Clients Pay, The More Value They Expect. Your high-paying clients will work harder and achieve more because they have more “skin-in-the-game”. And they will be less likely to quit, too. Think of it this way, every time you raise your rates you want to think to yourself 'Wow! Now I have to deliver that much value!' and that's a good thing.