Spiritual Life Coaches vs. Therapists

What is the difference between the psycho-spiritual work that HLC's Certified Spiritual Life Coaches [CSLCs] are trained to do, as compared to what therapists do?

To begin with, one of the main differences is CSLC coaches are NOT trained to work with souls who have mental health issues.

CSLC coaches work with average, normal competent souls to help them to be even more competent. The essence of what CSLC coaches do is teach their clients how to do clinically proven spiritual, emotional, and psychological coaching exercises that have been proven to create permanent behavioral change.

Meaning, as Coaches, our goal is NOT to give our clients a ‘fish’ but instead to ‘teach them how to 'fish’ so they can live in the world as Self-empowered adults.

New CSLC clients are given five subjective diagnostic exercises to determine which [out of hundreds of HuMethod™ exercises] will be the most effective to help them accomplish their self-help goals as fast as possible.

Please be clear, the HuMethod™ psycho-spiritual coaching exercises are NOT magical, mystical, or mysterious no more than strength training, cardio, and flexibility exercises are a miracle. These exercises, which have been field-tested for three decades, will work for any client who does their customized Self-mastery work as prescribed because the secret of success is that Inner Self-mastery is spelled—WORK!