Relationship Mastery Independent Study Course

Relationship Mastery Independent Study Course

A consciously awakened spiritual relationship is a relationship in which two “whole” people unite as two interdependent beings, which creates an environment that fosters emotional intimacy. This can be visualized as two whole circles coming together forming the infinity symbol.

You can compare this new world model to the old world, fear-based model where people come together as co-dependents for the purpose of procreation and survival. This can be visualized as two half circles coming together to form one whole circle.

Nothing is as emotionally fulfilling in life as the feeling of being in a spiritually conscious relationship. Relationship-mastered people are free to communicate in a natural way. They feel safe enough to be honest about what they want to communicate, which is why their relationships are emotionally intimate.

Relationship mastery will help you to reach beyond your fears to create an environment rich in love, honesty, and trust. This spiritually rich environment creates emotional intimacy, which makes your life feel more like you are in heaven, rather than on earth.


  • Relationship Mastery textbook
  • Relationship Mastery Instructional CD
  • Spiritual Distinction Meditation/100 Disciplina Benefits CD
  • Self-Mastery…A Journey Home to Yourself textbook
  • 20+ Self-Mastery Assignments
  • Self-Mastery…A Journey Home to Yourself CD album
  • Syllabus
  • Certificate of Completion

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