What Is An Emotionally Mature, Conscious Marriage?

This is our LAST Relationship article. The next series of articles will be focused on Money Mastery, which is especially important in this recessionary market.

An emotionally mature, conscious marriage is the closest thing to heaven that any couple can experience on earth.

An emotionally mature marriage is formed when two people get married knowing that they are equals, and that their main purpose for being together is to support each others conscious, emotional and psychological growth.

Within this type of loving relationship, both partners agree that nothing is more important than their holistic evolution. Consciously based loving relationships create a synergy, which enables both partners to evolve faster than they could alone.

Relationship mastery is not something that happens on a secluded mountaintop; that’s renunciation. Relationship mastery creates an environment that fosters the development of emotional intimacy, which make’s life feel more like living in heaven than on earth.

Conscious partners DO NOT commit to having “perfect” behavior. What they are committing to do is to own their “imperfect” behavior… as quickly as humanly possible.

Conscious partners recognize that they are both in the process of emotional and psychological growth, and that is why their commitment to be emotionally honest is essential.

Emotional honesty takes a lot of courage. This courage is built upon trust, which develops as the couple learns that within their relationship it is safe to share their inner most feelings. Trust and emotional safety allows the conscious couple to be emotionally intimate, which is the cornerstone of all healthy marriages.

If the conscious couple can accept the fact that their marriage is primarily designed to help them to grow and mature, and is not some ‘magical guarantee’ for happiness, then their marriage will become an empowering mastery tool that will keep aligning them with their higher purpose for living.

Namaste, my fellow life coaches and anam caras!

(We are all one, my soul friends)