How To Make Wise Decisions

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To Make Wise Decisions Pray and Meditate
on These Two Questions BEFORE Taking Action…

“What Are the Consequences of the Decision I’m Making?”
Will My Choice Bring Fulfillment and Happiness To Me
And Also To Those Who Are Affected By This Choice?”

Next feel your healing feelings to intuitively verify if your decision
feels correct for you, and for those who will be affected by your decision.

If your projected consequences feel comfortable, then plunge
ahead with enthusiasm trusting your Intuitive guidance.

If your projected consequences feel uncomfortable, then pray and
meditate until you discover an alternative choice that feels good…
using your Intuitive heart and inner vision.

Lastly, if your alternative choice projects consequences that feel good
plunge ahead, but if your alternative choice does not feel good, detach,
and DO NOT make a decision. Instead, wait patiently, pray and mediate
and allow things to naturally unfold until your path is made clear.

TY God… Namasté

Master Coach Hu Dalconzo

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