Do You Know Why… “Not Knowing” is Empowering?

My mind only knows my “his-tory.”
That’s why “I AM” at EASE with the state of “Not-knowing”.

Not-knowing takes me beyond my mind because my mind is always trying to conclude,
control and interpret.  It is afraid of not-knowing.  That’s why, when “I Am”
at ease with not-knowing, I have transcended my egoic mind.

My Not-knowing creates a deeper knowing that is non-conceptual. This non-conceptual
knowing arises out of the space-time continuum of the eternal “now.”

I know that artistic creation, coaching, training and counseling indicates
that my thinking mind is no longer involved, OR… at the very least,
it has taken a back seat on my dharmic “do-do” bus.

When “I Am’ in a Conscious State of- “NOT KNOWING” an empowering Intelligence greater than my egoic mind has taken over. There is no decision-making process anymore;
spontaneous right action happens, and I grok that my thinking-mind… Is Not Doing It.

Mastery of life… is the opposite of egoic control.  Mastery of life happens
when “I Am” aligned with Universal Consciousness.  It acts, speaks, and
does the work needed… with effortless ease.

I know that 90% of my Deliberate Conscious Creations manifest via my subconscious interconnection with my “I Am” Consciousness. That’s why I have joyfully surrendered to
my partner God, my “I Am” Consciousness, because my “Father within doeth the work.”
Namasté Coach Hu Dalconzo