-Excerpts taken from Deepak Chopra’s
book Power, Freedom and Grace-

“Happiness seems to be the goal of all other goals,
and yet most people seek happiness in a roundabout way.

We have material goals, such as wanting a better house,
a better automobile, or items of luxury.

We have goals that deal with relationships.
We want to feel safe;
we want to feel that we belong.

We want to be able to express ourselves freely and creatively.
Some of us might want wealth or power;
others might seek fame.

 But if you ask people why they want these things,
the ultimate answer remains the same:
They believe that if they attain these things,
then they will be happy.

Happiness for a reason creates misery
because the reason can be
taken away from you at any time.

 To be Happy for No Reason
is the Happiness you want to experience.”

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