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How to Walk the 12 Steps with the HuMethod™ Article 18

How I Was Able To Thrive In All Areas Of My Life …

By Learning The Difference Between Being a Visionary vs. an Observer

By Certified Life Coach Deborah Giddings

Namasté soul friends,

This week I’m going to discuss how I learned to thrive, not just survive, whether things are going well or not so well.  This is all something I learned as part of the HuMethod™ Conscious Creation/Dis-Creation Process.

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I learned at a very young age how to survive and my ego-mind picked up all kinds of ‘tricks’ to tell me I was safe.  It wasn’t until I hit my mid-30’s that I realized that I was great at surviving but I wanted to learn to thrive.  Believe it or not, the slogan “First Things First” was one of the Recovery Tools that I adopted to teach me how to take care of my Self.  This slogan helped me stay focused on being in the moment and doing the next right thing for my health and well-being.  It also helped me learn to “mind my own business” – which at first was not something I was very open to hearing, but I knew I needed to learn this for my own recovery.

Years ago I had started reading and listening to the Abraham/Hicks material and this is where I learned that my thoughts create my reality, and as I said in my last blog,  this scared me a lot because my reality was a mess.  That was the bad news.  The good news was that since I created it, I could learn to dis-create it and create something new.

This is where the HuMethod™ Conscious Creation process came in.  As you may already know, a process is a series of actions that bring about an expected end result.  The end result that I wanted was to be able to thrive and be okay with what happens while still taking care of my Self and meeting my own emotional dependency needs.  I learned through this process that Conscious Creators are Visionaries, not Observers.  Observers thrive when things are going well and suffer when things are not going so well, because an observer only experiences what is reflected back in present time.  On the other hand Visionaries are conscious creators who thrive all the time because a visionary has learned to focus on only the vision of what he wants to create, even when things are not going so well.  An observer sees what is!  A visionary sees what he wants!

What I see in the NOW has manifested from that which I thought in the past.  The Universe will manifest what I visualize about my future.  Meaning that if I keep focusing my attention on what I don’t like about my present situation, then in the present, I am planting seeds for a future that will match my unwanted present.  Good grief, this explained a lot because this is what I had been doing my entire life.

The Conscious Creation process fit together nicely with my Steps and so as I took this to my Steps, I was able to take my first three steps fairly easily because I was so willing to live differently, and I knew that the only way of doing this was to surrender to a power greater than me.  I know today that the majority of my core beliefs were programmed before the age of five.  I knew I needed to become consciously aware of my unconscious, negatively programmed beliefs before effective change could occur.  This meant that I needed to commit myself to de-programming my core negative beliefs.

So to become a Visionary I started to dis-create my negatively programmed beliefs so I could stop going unconscious.  Dis-creation means to consciously stop re-creating negatively programmed beliefs and then to consciously create what it is that I do want to create.  WOW – there’s a lot of power there.  Am I ready?

One way to get ready was to train myself to FEEL (body sensations) and HEAR (my words) when my negative beliefs surfaced.  Doing the HuMethod™ Dis-Creation exercise was like taking a 4th Step inventory because I was able to make a list of all of my beliefs around survival.  Today, I know when I am around the disease of alcoholism and I see someone getting ready to take a drink and I say something like “You might want to take it easy because you’re tired” then I am operating in a core negative belief that “I am not safe around people who drink” or the belief that “people who drink will hurt me” or that “people who drink will hurt themselves and it will affect me”.  It has nothing to do with the person taking the drink, and it has everything to do with my ego mind trying to protect me but in essence it’s keeping me in survival mode, and I’m not thriving.   I’m suffering because I’m only seeing what is being reflected back to me – my own fear.

Once I surfaced my core beliefs through the HuMethod™ Dis-Creation exercises, I then asked to be relieved of these beliefs that no longer served me through Steps 6 and 7.  Guess what happened?  I got so many opportunities to hear my sub-conscious core negative beliefs, that I finally became aware of them enough to be able to make other decisions when these beliefs surfaced in my ego-mind.

This is where Steps 10 and 11 come into play.  Today I am very aware of my body sensations.  If my stomach tightens and my breathing is affected, or if I have a catch in my throat or my chest feels tight, I know that I am ignoring a message from Spirit and I need to stop and go to Step 11 and seek, through prayer and meditation for guidance.  When I do this, my Higher Power can then guide me in doing the next right thing for my highest good.

Keep coming – it works if you work it!

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