What Will Make You Happy?

araphrased by Master Coach Hu From
Deepak Chopra’s book Power, Freedom and Grace

Many spiritual traditions teach that if you seek
God-identification first, everything else will follow. 

For example, in the New Testament Jesus the Christ says,
“Seek first the kingdom of heaven and all else will be added unto you.”

It is important to grok that the Kingdom of Heaven
is not some far-off place
in some remote part of the Universe;
it is an internal state of

Consciously Aware

Most people think,
I’m happy because I have family and friends,
because I have a great job, because I have money and security.”

All of these reasons for happiness are fragile
 because they come and go like a passing breeze.
And when this type of happiness eludes you,
your ego will usually seek pleasure
through addictive behaviors.

External Causes of Happiness
Don’t Last and They Don’t Create Real Joy.

HAPPINESS… Is Wanting What
You Already Have!