What Are You Identifying Your Self As…

  • Your Body… “I am sick” as opposed to saying… “My body feels sick”
  • Your Psyche… “I am my thoughts, roles and identities.” You have a human “story” that you are experiencing, but you are not the “story” that you are experiencing. Thinking that you are your “story” is an addiction to your egoic mind’s
  • Or your True, Immortal SELF, also called your Spirit, Soul, or I Am Consciousness. Are you in the world, but not of this world? Are you witnessing and observing your life experiences as if you were watching a TV program? A wonderful sub-modifying affirmation to say over and over again ad infimum to identify your Self as a Spirit having a human experience is… “That’s Not Me… ‘I Am’ experiencing IT – but… That’s Not Me”.

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