Souls who have active minds collect books, knowledge and words
they write them down, and even if they save them until the words turn yellow
they will eventually discover that knowledge alone
does not manifest into Self-empowerment.

This is strange phenomenon because usually knowledge
is the first step of Spiritual Awakening.

Then finally the Spiritual Initiate reaches a point where they are ready
to sit quietly, with an open heart and listen consciously to their Intuitive Heart.
The challenge is that the Spiritual Communications that they yearn to receive
aren’t communications that their rational mind can fully grok and appreciate,
because their rational mind can only point to them.
To experience a language of feeling Spiritual Communication,
you have to go beyond knowing, to a place where you are the knowingness.
This means that you need to go beyond form,
to transcend your mind, body and HuMan identities
to receive your Sacred Heart’s Spiritual Communications.

Master Coach Hu

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