Do You Unconditionally Accept The… Now?

Most people confuse the-
Now with what happens in the- Now.

The Now is deeper than what happens in it.
It is the Divine Space in which… Life Happens.

I don’t confuse the Content of this moment
with the… Eternal Now.

The Now is deeper than
any content that arises in it.

When I step into the Eternal Now,
I step out of the mental content of the ego-intellect,

and its incessant stream of… thinking.

This prevents my thoughts from
absorbing all of my Conscious Attention,
which expands the spaciousness of the God Gap
that arises in between my thoughts,
which creates… Divine Stillness.

Consciously stepping into the God gap
helps me to grok how much
vaster and deeper ‘I Am’
than my… Thoughts.

Master Coach Hu