1 of 3- Are You Willing To Change?

In this article delves into the necessity of change for spiritual growth and personal development, emphasizing the formation of new habits as key to manifesting desired outcomes. It explores the idea that through conscious effort and positive actions, individuals can transform their thoughts and behaviors to align with their desired reality, as guided by principles such as the Law of Attraction and the Law of Manifestation.

Are You Willing To Change?, Series 2- #1 of 3

Are You Willing To Change?

NAMASTÈ… Spiritual transformation, education or evolution can’t take place without- Change.  People want things to Change, but their egoic minds resist- Changing. That is because Change challenges what your clients are familiar with, which triggers their egoic mind’s need for safety, comfort, and control.

Life is a learning experience where you cannot remain the same and still grow. To grow you must be willing to Change. Nothing will Change until you ACCEPT what is “as is” about yourself, Life and People.

If it is your intention to Change because you want to create more conscious relationships, prosperity, a healthier body, or a holistic career- all of these goals require you to create… New Habits of Thought, Feelings and Actions.

The Universe will express anything you are willing to make into a… HABIT.  Forming New Habits is how to manifest what you want. CREATING HABITS is the key to your future success or failure. That’s because you will… Sow a thought, you will reap an action. Sow an action, and you will reap a habit. Sow a habit, and you will reap a character. And sow a character, and you will reap the dharmic destiny that you desire.

You are only “one thought away” from thinking thoughts that can strengthen your new, positive HABITS and attract what you desire [via the Law of Attraction]. But sadly, you are also only one thought away from thinking thoughts that will negatively reinforce your old dysfunctional egoic HABITS.

Take a slow deep breath and ingest these words of wisdom that my spiritual mentor Ram Dass taught me… The Effort That It Takes To Consciously Create New Habits is a Small Price To Pay To Manifest What You Want.

To Change you need to ceaselessly guard your thoughts in the same way that a farmer guards his chickens from foxes. If you make a Commitment to Change, and if you back it up with positive actions, then little by little you will form new Self-empowering habits that will create the reality you desire to experience.

HuMans are creatures of HABIT in both mind and body. Therefore, when you decide to Change your historical belief systems by forming new empowering HABITS--- only two things can happen:

  1. You Will Either Manifest The New Reality That You Want,
  2. Or #2 what happens 98% of the time is…

You Will Surface What You Need To Heal, Forgive, Dis-create, etc. which is blocking you from manifesting what you want.

When you deliberately and consciously decide to Change your heart’s Language of Feelings will intuitively show you what you need to heal, transcend, forgive, transform and/or dis-create, to make the Changes, you need to make… to manifest what you want.

God created you, but you made yourself into what you are now… one habitual belief at a time. That’s because from the time you were born, thought by thought you became the architect and builder of the reality that you are now experiencing, and most souls do that unconsciously.

The Law of Manifestation is… Be-Do-Have. This means that you will attract into your life what you are, not what you want. Too many people miss that point. The first step of manifestation is to “BE” that which you want. Then to “DO” the work that is required to form the new HABITS that you need, so you can “have” what you want.

So let me ask you a deep diving into your subconscious mind question… Are you ready to form new habits that will give you the ability to control what you are thinking, feeling, and experiencing so you be a deliberate conscious creator of your own life?

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