2 of 4- Crucial Coaching Exercise You MUST Teach To Clients

In this article, I will share the next two exercises that teach a client how to create permanent, lasting behavioral change. Although both exercises are crucial, one of these exercises will literally change the client's entire perspective on life.

The 8 Most Important HuMethod™ Exercises that Create Permanent Behavioral Change, Series 6- #2 of 4

How To Create Distinction and Change Your Entire Perspective on Life

NAMASTÈ… In this article about the eight HuMethod™ Coaching Exercises that create Permanent Behavioral Change, I will cover the next two clinically proven coaching exercises.

As an FYI, I started doing psycho-spiritual life coaching in 1977 as an avocation, and I made it into my full-time career in 1993, and during those four decades, I facilitated over 20,000 coaching sessions. I used my field experience to write 13 psycho-spiritual life coaching textbooks. And each of my Legacy Videos are abbreviated summaries of the most important elements of the clinically proven coaching exercises that I discovered to be the most effective at creating Permanent Behavioral Change for my private practice clients and certification students.

Knowing that I am going to be retiring soon I committed to recording these Self-empowering Videos to ensure that the HuMethod™ psycho-spiritual ‘penicillin’ coaching exercises will continue to be dispensed when my body is no more. And altruistically so that spiritually conscious souls like you can use them to teach you and your clients what you incarnated to heal, so together we can do our part to help- SAVE the Humans!

The 8 Most Important HuMethod™ Exercises that Create Permanent Behavioral Change are…

  1. Spiritual Distinction Meditation
  2. Ultimate 1st Party Communication
  3. Quickly Self-programming- all your Self-realizations that surface
  4. Audio Bingeing
  5. The Because ‘Dis-Creation’ Exercise
  6. Self-parenting Mirror Visualization
  7. Boundary Mastery Exercises
  8. Color Coding Your SMA Written Assignments

On this artcle, I will cover two of the Permanent Behavioral Change HuMethod™ coaching exercises…Spiritual Distinction Meditation and the Ultimate 1st Party Communication.

So, let’s begin with the question, Why will practicing the Spiritual Distinction Meditation help you Create Permanent Behavioral Change? But before I answer that question I want to remind you that Video Legacy Series #4, video 5 focuses exclusively on the Benefits you will receive for practicing the Spiritual Distinction Meditation.

To review, the Spiritual Distinction Meditation will teach you how to ‘feel’ the difference between your intellectual mind and your Spirit, which is an essential element needed to create Permanent Behavioral Change.

That’s why when I’m working with a new coaching client my first and most important objective is to teach them how to distinguish the difference between their intuitive feelings sourced from their Spirit from their thoughts, which are disguised as feelings. This transformational distinction will help your coaching clients create the Permanent Behavioral Changes that they hired you to help them create.

Now let’s shift our attention to… why Ultimate First Party Communications Create Permanent Behavioral Change… and that’s because it will help you and your coaching clients remain consciously aware that they are the ‘witness-observer’ of their incarnational experiences, as opposed to thinking that they are the ‘actor’ when they are subvocalizing, communicating or doing their written Self-mastery assignments.

Communicating in the first party means saying "I" or "me" instead of "you," as in, “I feel that...," "I believe that...," "That is affecting me by...." When you use the word "you," in a communication it means that you are philosophizing, conceptualizing, and/or theorizing (as I’m doing here).

All too often this can be a very subtle ego defense that the mind uses especially with spiritually awakened people. When you do this it means that you get it intellectually, but you haven’t emotionalized it, and you must emotionalize what you have learned to create the Permanent Behavioral Changes that you and your coaching clients desire.

The Ultimate Benefit of First-Party Communication is that it supports you remain consciously conscious that you are in this world but your aren’t of this world- to paraphrase the bible. This Spiritual Distinction will help you separate your thoughts, feelings, and behavior from your Intuitive God-Self sourced communications, which is essential for you to create the Permanent Behavioral Change that you and your clients desire.

I will close with this scientific fact, First Party Communication trains the neuropathways of your brain to hear what you are vocalizing or sub-vocalizing. And this transformational skill is needed to create the Permanent Behavioral Changes that you and your coaching clients desire using HuMethod™ exercises such as dis-creation.

In the next article, I will discuss why Audio Bingeing and doing the HuMethod™ “Because” Dis-creation exercise creates Permanent Behavioral Change.

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