1 of 4- In Spiritual Life Coaching, Permanent Behavioral Change Starts With This

In this article, I will share the foundational concepts upon which the 8 most important HuMethod™ exercises were created. Plus, why it is very important to help your clients Self-program all their Self-realizations that surface.

The 8 Most Important HuMethod™ Exercises that Create Permanent Behavioral Change, Series 6- #1 of 4

How To Quickly Self-Program Your Self-Realizations

NAMASTÈ… in this series I will talk about the most important HuMethod™ coaching exercises that will help you and your coaching clients create the Permanent Behavioral Changes that they desire, and which is the primary reason why successful coaches are hired.

As an FYI, I started doing psycho-spiritual life coaching in 1977 as an avocation, and I made it into my full-time career in 1993. During those four decades, I facilitated over 20,000 coaching sessions. I used my field experience to write 13 psycho-spiritual life coaching textbooks. And each of my Legacy Videos are abbreviated summaries of the most important elements of the clinically proven coaching exercises that I discovered to be the most effective at creating Permanent Behavioral Change for my private practice clients and certification students.

Knowing that I am going to be retiring soon I committed to recording these Self-empowering Videos to ensure that our HuMethod™ psycho-spiritual ‘penicillin’ coaching exercises will continue to be dispensed when my body is no more. And altruistically so that spiritually conscious souls like you can use them to teach what you and your clients incarnated to heal, so together we can do our part to help- SAVE the Humans! Click here for more information about how you can help create a Global Transformation of light and love

On this video I will share with you the foundational concepts upon which these Permanent Behavioral Change exercises were created. Plus, why it is very important to quickly Self-program all your Self-realizations that surface.

So, let’s begin with a question… What are the clinically proven coaching exercises that HLC has been clinically field-testing since 1993 that create the Permanent Behavioral Changes?

The 8 Most Important HuMethod™ Exercises that Create Permanent Behavioral Change are…

  1. Spiritual Distinction Meditation
  2. Ultimate 1st Party Communication
  3. Quickly Self-programming- all your Self-realizations that surface
  4. Audio Bingeing
  5. The Because ‘Dis-Creation’ Exercise
  6. Self-parenting Mirror Visualization
  7. Boundary Mastery Exercises
  8. Color Coding Your SMA Written Assignments

Many of my new coaching clients ask me,

Why is it so important for me to quickly Self-program my Self-realizations?

But before I answer that very good question we need to define the psycho-spiritual terms… Self-programming and Self-realization mean.

SELF-REALIZATIONS- are your Inner God-self Intuitive communications. Your Self-realizations are “Aha” moments of divine clarity that bubble up while doing your HuMethod™ exercises with emotional courage and honesty. They are surfacing from deep within your soul, and they act as guideposts to what you need to work on next as you continue on your incarnational journey back home to your Inner Self.

SELF-PROGRAMMING- means to take your Self-realizations, which are your God-self communications that will surface while you are doing your HuMethod™ coaching exercises. It is important for you to quickly Self-program them into your subconscious mind because they are… God speaking to you, from within you, as you. And the reason why you need to quickly Self-program your Self-realizations is because they will swiftly go unconscious again, causing you to chronically repeat the same painful Life Lessons AGAIN and AGAIN.

Everyone’s ego-intellect is addicted to excitement and knowledge. Yet, Knowledge is the ego-mind’s booby prize. That’s because intellectual learning is an endless task and knowledge “alone” manifests nothing. Your ego loves excitement, and it hates to do boring repetitive work over and over again such as… Self-programming your Self-realizations using professionally written affirmations.

Your ego-intellect created your egoic “defenses” to help you feel safe when what you were experiencing wasn’t emotionally, sexually, financially, or physically safe.  That is why you want to with Emotional Courage, do the Eight HuMethod™ exercises that has been proven to create Permanent Behavioral Change. Meaning you will take what surfaces and perform the required exercises such as dis-creation, so you can Un-learn what has stopped you in the past from achieving your goals and desires.

Inner Self-mastery is spelled---WORK! —Work. This means that when you Self-actualize… [which means to take divine actions] about what you have surfaced then you will be able to see, feel and heal, and you won’t feel as frightened to do your shadow work anymore. That’s because you will grok that the karma that you are burning off is just old, repressed F.E.A.R. which is an acronym that means… False Evident Appearing Real.

To close… Self-programming… is psycho-spiritual…MEDICINE! It's medicine because it lowers stress, raises your endorphin levels, and it improves your positive mental attitude about everything that you are experiencing. And if you are like more souls you have a condition called a “Sad Heart” which is why you need to take your HuMethod™ Self-programming MEDICINE every day! [To learn about the Seven Self-programming tools that HuMethod™ certified coaches see the Self-mastery coach’s textbook pages 50-51]

In the next article. I will focus on two more Permanent Behavioral Change HuMethod™ coaching exercises… the Spiritual Distinction Meditation and Ultimate 1st Party Communication.

Original Content- Mastery Coach Hu Legacy Series 6, #1 of 4