Identifying as… Consciousness… 5 of 6

Paraphrased from Ram Dass’s Book One Liners

By Master Coach Hu

You intuitively know the various spiritual planes of reality,
and the experience always comes with the feeling… “I’m home!”

You receive information from all the planes
of Consciousness all the time,
but you don’t acknowledge their existence
because your ego treats this information as mere static noise.

Consciously identifying with various levels of reality
helps you to transcend the world of polarities and paradoxes
because every plane of realty exits
at different levels of Consciousness at the same time.

Humor is your ability to see your reality
from the perspective of
another level of reality… simultaneously.

Every minute of every day you experience
the perfect circumstances for your Soul
to learn and grow, which is your
life’s curriculum made up of karmic…
“learns and burns.”