The PATH of UNCONDITIONAL HAPPINESS is a very high path
because it leads to Spiritual Liberation.

HAPPINESS… is your divine birthright, because you
are a Spark of the Divine.
The KEY to being UNCONDITIONAL HAPPY is to really
mean it when you say, “I want to BE happy”-
regardless of Conditions or Exceptions.
Are you 100% committed… TO BE HAPPY… even when
the ego keeps replaying it’s sad, fear-based, historic storylines?
To “BE” happy, you have to let go of the part of the egoic mind
that is addicted to the… MELODRAMA.

The GREATEST GIFT you can give to God is to be pleased
with His creation… YOU! To be joyful, spontaneously happy,
then no matter what happens you will identify who you are…
as the God who lives within you as you.
At this Level of Consciousness… your joy becomes so overwhelming that…
“Your cup runneth over.”

Master Coach Hu Dalconzo