Are You a VICTIM? Or a SPIRITUAL WARRIOR? 8 of 8 Part 1

Core Principles of a- Spiritual Warrior

Integrate ‘Mindfulness’ into Their Daily Lives

Being mindful doesn’t mean you need
to spend ten hours a day meditating.
It means to remain Consciously Conscious throughout your day
about the distinction between who you are “Spirit”
from the voice inside your head- your ego-intellect.
Think of your Self as a “Conscious Householder
who practices paying attention when
you’re engaged in your daily activities.
When you’re washing the dishes, wash the dishes,
and try not to let your mind wander to the past or future.
When you’re eating, make eating into a meditative act.

Turn Their Lemons into Lemonade
 Your deepest suffering is also your
greatest opportunity to learn about
your incarnational challenges,
because like it or not, pain is part of the path.
Developing strength in the face of painful circumstances
shows you that you don’t need to fear
the natural ups and downs of life.
And instead, you view them
from a witness/observer position
with the courage of a Spiritual Warrior.

Recognize the difference between Pain and Suffering.

In Eastern philosophy, pain and suffering
are two very different things.
Pain is an inevitable hardship of life.
Suffering is… the avoidable negative ‘narrative’
playing inside your head.
For example, losing your job is- Pain,
and your ego telling you that you are a failure
for losing your job is- Suffering.
You can’t eliminate Pain,
but you can end Suffering.