Many life coaches and spiritually awakened beings have a tendency to SEPARATE their spiritual life from their financial life. What we need to do is UNITE them!

As life coaches we need to make all of life into a meditative process. In the East they call making all of life into a meditative process… Karmic Yoga. When life becomes a continuous meditative process then it does not matter if you are driving a car, making love, walking the dog, or creating financial independence because it is all done from a space of Self-conscious awareness.


As a life coach I teach students about the Laws of Wealth Accumulation, and sometimes my life coaching certification students will react to this info in a negative, uncooperative and even resistant manner. WHY?

One reason why is because it unconsciously triggers beliefs rooted in… “Money is the root of all evil!” On a subconscious level some of my life coaching students were programmed to believe that “Poverty is holy and money is evil!” and that is why there are many broke life coaches, ministers, teachers and healers.

The truth is that “Only the worship of money is evil.” In other words, to use money as a tool for manipulation and external power is evil… not the money itself.

It is important for life coach certification students to realize that money only makes you more of what you already are. Meaning, if you have an abusive personality and you are wealthy, you will have the financial power to be very abusive; but if you are a spiritually based, loving soul who is wealthy, the money will act as a tool to help you be generous, benevolent and altruistic. Money in and of itself is neutral, just like a TV set. I’m sure that you don’t think of a TV set as being good or evil…. do you?


Most of my life coaching clients CORE money BELIEFS were modeled (copied) after their parent’s beliefs about money. For example, if your early childhood experiences were with caretakers who used money as a tool to manipulate and abuse people, then your money beliefs are tainted with pain, poverty and sadness. These factors will negatively influence my life coaching clients opinions and beliefs about money and as such will need to be dis-created using the clean mind exercise.

Another important lesson that life coach certification students need to learn is that many of their life coaching clients’ negative money beliefs will be rooted in low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence. These beliefs surface as “I don’t deserve money” and “I’m not smart enough to earn a lot of money”.

Many life coaching certification students confuse righteousness about money, with FEAR BELIEFS. The Ego is a master of camouflaging unconscious, negative money beliefs. These FALSE BELIEFS unconsciously terrify my life coaching clients to such a degree that their EGOS make earning large sums of money wrong, bad, or even evil. Sometimes my life coaching students were programmed to believe that anyone who earns a lot of money must then be greedy, selfish, or both. These negative abundance beliefs must be surfaced, released and reprogrammed with abundance beliefs so that my life coach client can manifest the financial security he or she deserves.

In the next Money Mastery Blog I will discuss how I train my life coaching students to use the conscious creation trilogy to manifest money

Namaste, my fellow life coaches and anam caras!
(We are all one, my soul friends)