4 of 4- A Tool to Deprogram Your Client’s Core Negative Beliefs

This Coaching Support Tool Will Help Your Clients Learn How to Deprogram Their Core Negative Beliefs... BE WARNED It Has a Tendency to Scare People.

Four Ways To Increase Client Session Retention, #4 of 4

How to Use Seven Spiritual Truths Coaching Textbook To Teach Clients How To Deprogram Their Fixed Negative Beliefs

NAMASTÈ… on this the LAST VIDEO in this series I will explain how HuMethod™ Spiritual Life Coaches use the coach’s textbook Seven Spiritual Truths to teach their coaching clients that when they feel emotionally triggered how to use the Seven Spiritual Truths, Like a Compass, to navigate their way back to feeling safe, sound, and secure again.

The seed that germinated the Seven Spiritual Truths was planted in 1992 when I wrote an article for the Holistic Times Magazine to help awaken the holistic community why we need to co-create a Critical Mass to help… SAVE the… HuMans. Critical Mass is a miraculous process of evolution and a scientific fact. Critical Mass happens when a specific percentage of a species performs a behavior pattern unique to that species.

We must co-create a Critical Mass of HuMans who are spiritually awakened enough to grok that we are all ONE in Spirit. When we do this we will begin to act as ONE, and we will naturally stop polluting and unjustly treating all forms of life, and instead begin to work together to… save…the HuMan!

Unbeknownst to myself the SAVE the… HuMan’s article steered my karmic boat down a river that lead my staff and me to undertake four decades of research that ended in us discovering the Universal Truths of Light and Love contained within its eight chapters.

The Seven Spiritual Truths DO NOT belong to any one soul or religion. They have been passed down from one spiritual teacher to another for millenniums, AND they DID NOT originate with me or my staff. These Transformational Truths were designed to be a spiritual guidance system anytime you feel lost or psycho-spiritually disconnected to help you navigate out of this mental labyrinth we call life, just like a divine compass.

The Seven Spiritual Truths spiritual life coach’s textbook- was written To Guide You Back To Your Inner Self. These TRUTHS will guide you away from your 24/7 egoic mind chatter and back to listening to your Intuitive Heart. BUT BE WARNED- These empowering Spiritual Truths have a tendency to scare people, because they can collide with your ego-based “fixed” programming and negative beliefs, which for most of us, are fear-based and self-defeating.

The Seven Spiritual Truths need to be shared with your life coaching clients and loved ones because so many of us were raised by caretakers who were ignorant of how the Laws of Life work. As a result, we were programmed to believe that pain, poverty, and loss is the way life is supposed to be.

These Truths contain ancient wisdom that can teach you and your coaching clients how to transcend your self-limiting beliefs that dominate our culture. That’s because by taking birth you have chosen to embark upon an exciting and incredible Journey Home To Your Inner Self.
It is a journey toward conscious ownership of your… Divine Birthright.

Sadly, life is filled with many painful life lessons that need to be learned, and karma that needs to be burned. Because of this painful FACT- you can choose to point a finger, assign blame, or make your caretakers guilty.
Or you can learn to live with your incorrect programming that unfortunately taught you to think that you are bad, wrong, not good enough, lazy, broken, etc. and incorrectly programmed you to play the Blame, Shame… Victim Game.
Or You can learn how to use the Seven Spiritual Truths
to teach you and your coaching clients how to use your Godlike abilities to dis-create your negative beliefs, and instead consciously create new energizing beliefs that will help you and your life coaching clients live an emotionally mature life.

The Seven Spiritual Truth prove that if you keep ignoring your negative beliefs, they will line up like dominoes. Then when you get emotionally triggered, it will activate the domino effect and your issues will create a negative chain reaction that will surface your historical, negatively conditioned responses that will make you feel sad, angry, depressed, and unworthy.

To quote Carl Jung "Until you make the Unconscious Conscious, it will direct your Life and your egoic mind will call it… Fate.”

We discovered the Seven Spiritual Truths deep within the research of the most magnanimous spiritual leaders, teachers, gurus, and philosophers of the last 2500 years. And We Now Pass These Empowering Universal Truths… TO YOU.

But you need to do the required INNER work to form the Habit of referring to the Seven Spiritual Truths when you feel emotionally triggered, Like a Compass, to navigate out of your incarnational labyrinth, so that you and your coaching clients can create a life that the gods themselves would envy.

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