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How to Use Self-Mastery, A Journey Home to Your Inner Self Coaching Textbook To Help Coaching Clients Achieve Their Psyco-Spiritual Goals Quickly

NAMASTÈ… on this the post, I will explain how the HuMethod™ Spiritual Life Coaches use the coach’s textbook Self-mastery- A Journey Home to Your Inner Self,  to help their coaching clients achieve their psycho-spiritual goals as fast as is humanly possible.

Imagine for just a moment how much time it would save you if an author [me] invested over four decades compiling research about the most magnanimous spiritual leaders, teachers, gurus, and philosophers of the last 2,500 years. What if this author [me] took the best of the best of these self-actualization teachers’ overlapping parables, principles, processes, and philosophies taught by souls such as Dyer, Williamson, Chopra, Hay, Singer, and Eckhart Tolle, to name just a few of over 100. And what if he blended them together into sixteen easy-to-understand Self-mastery lessons to help you accelerate your integration of these mastery principles into you and your coaching clients daily lives?

Well have no fear because the Self-mastery book is here [HaHa].

Gary Zukav, in his book, The Seat of the Soul, explains that the word psychology means “soul knowledge.” He shares with us that “We have yet to develop a true spiritual psychology.” This proven Self-mastery educational system begins to accomplish what I believe Gary refers to as “soul psychology.” These Self-mastery lessons, assignments, and processes are clinically tested psycho-spiritual healing exercises that create a series of actions, which have been proven to manifest a specific end result… Personal Soul Knowledge.

I do not claim to have originated anything in this textbook beyond what I was taught by these spiritual leaders. What I was blessed to do, however, lies in the fact that I learned how to teach abstract concepts, such as paradox, in easy-to-understand Self-mastery lessons, which contain proven coaching exercises, to help you manifest your goals and intentions.

After decades of studying these mastery principles, I learned how to capture the core essence of these magnanimous leaders’ overlapping truths and principles and present them to you in small, manageable pieces, which makes them easy for you and your Spiritual Life Coaching clients to understand and implement.

Many of my new coaching clients ask me, “What do you mean by Self-Mastery?" Which I always reply…"GOOD QUESTION!". So, let’s define the terms- “Self” and “Master.”

The SELF is that part of you that is ONE with the infinite. It is the part of you that is eternal and immortal. Every second, your SELF orchestrates a trillion functions within your body to maintain life.

Your body, orchestrated by your SELF, is capable of hearing music, killing germs, making a baby, driving a car, talking on the phone, breathing, digesting food, and circulating your blood simultaneously.

Your SELF, a miracle of infinite organizing power, is well capable of consciously training your Ego-Mind to manifest all of your heart's desires.

A MASTER is one who creates master-pieces. Michelangelo was considered a master because he demonstrated mastery on the physical plane. He created works of art, such as the Pietà and David, which most people consider to be masterpieces. Michelangelo became a master artist by breaking his art down into small pieces and mastering one piece at a time.

The type of Self-mastered person that I'm referring to in my Self-mastery life coach’s textbook is someone who spends over fifty-one percent of his or her day as a conscious master over his or her Egoic Mind.

The Self-mastery, Spiritual Life Coach’s textbook helps Coaches, as well as many other holistic modalities, to teach esoteric subjects comparable to what Tolle, Dyer and Chopra write about… In the same way, a high school teacher teaches Spanish or Algebra-- Using Textbooks, Audios, Lesson Plans, Exercises and Written & Action Assignments.

In the next post, I will explain how the HuMethod™ Spiritual Life Coaches use the coach’s textbook The Human Handbook to help their coaching clients achieve their psycho-spiritual goals.

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