What Yogis Learn- Not To Do

A lecture delivered by Michael Singer paraphrased by Master Coach Hu Dalconzo

There are many, self-help books that teach,
“If you think, pray, visualize and affirm it… you will get it.”

This is the first thing that… Yogis Learn- Not To Do!

A great Be-ing doesn’t use positive thoughts to affirm what his ego-mind wants.
The only reason why the ego ‘thinks’ it wants something or needs something
is because it has negatively charged magnetic blockages in that area,
which blocks the flow of… Life Force Energy.

Stop using my Willpower to affirm affirmations
to create a world that matches your egoic needs and fears.
When you do this you freeze the world to match
your neurotic needs via the Law of Attraction.

That’s because you are affirming what your EGO is yearning for,
which creates a negative affirmation of… Neediness.

A Yogi primary goal is to untether herself
from her egoic needs, wants, roles and desires.
This is why a Yogi only prays for one thing…
Spiritual Liberation.

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