As a Life Coach I have learned that consciously directed yang energy (creative power), when properly expressed, will return to you as legal tender (money). Money is simply a medium of exchange. If you are a Life Coach certification student or not it is important that you understand that money is your love energy made manifest. To quote Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul, “Money is the consolidation of the Living Energy of Divinity.”

It is important to remember that our spiritual journey is an infinite, multi-dimensional, evolutionary process, but by God’s grace our wealth accumulation process is only a limited finite objective and therefore much easier to master.

I teach my Life Coaching students that the Universe only recognizes INCLUSION. The Universe doesn’t recognize EXCLUSION. Exclusion is when you consciously or unconsciously resonate fear-based vibrations [negative energy] into the universe. One example of how exclusionary thoughts can leak into your consciousness is if you think… “I want a new, expensive, red sports car.” But within a few minutes you think, “But I can’t afford it!” The Universe hears… Create Nothing!

F.E.A.R.-based lack of money beliefs are why all of my Life Coaching students must learn how to dis-create (stop creating) their fear-based money beliefs. HLC’s Life Coach students are taught how to dis-create their negative money beliefs and how to create financial self-reliance beliefs via our training mantra- S.-P.I.E. [Study-Practice-Internalize-Emotionalize].

M.O.N.E.Y. is as an acronym… MOwn Natural Energy Yield

You can think of MONEY is as an acronym that means… MOwn Natural Energy Yield. MY means the doer. OWN means belonging to oneself. NATURAL means God-given, genuine, or natural. ENERGY means that you are the energy of the universe personified. YIELD means to harvest, to bring forth as a result of cultivation or as a return from an investment of time or money.

Money mastery at its core, and when properly expressed, will return to you as legal tender, which you can use in exchange for goods and services that you desire.

Namaste, my fellow Life Coaches and anam caras!

(We are all one, my soul friends)