The Surrender-Accountability Paradox

Spiritual Surrender does not mean that you are not accountable for
the Deliberate Conscious Assertion of your Divine Will-power.
This is an Important Truth because Self-mastery is
what happens when your Divine Will is Guided by whatever Life is Doing.
Instead… of what your ego-intellect wants Life to be doing.
Your Intentions will manifest with effort ease when
you align your Divine Will-power with Life’s Natural Unfolding Forces.

Spiritual Surrender Requires…
The Divine Wisdom to flow in the same direction
that the River of Life is already going.
It requires Unconditional Acceptance about Life’s ‘What is’
especially when Life presents you with egoic, nerve-racking challenges.

Conscious Surrendering…
Allows the Infinite Organizing Powers
of the whole Universe to… Direct Your Life.

This means that… God’s-In-Charge,
and when your ‘I Am’ Consciousness is in charge…
Your Dharmic Intentions Will Manifest With Effortless Ease.

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