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HLC's Independent Study Courses are for students who need to work independently because of time or budgetary restraints.

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Life Coaching Independent Study Program Overview:

  • Toll Free Help Line.
  • Go at your own pace.
  • 2 Years to complete full program
  • One-on-One Life Coach Instruction with an experienced Life Coach Trainer (this is an additional support option).
  • Volunteer To Be A Practice Client- you can volunteer to be an Interactive Life Coaching student's practice client, so that he or she can facilitate HLC's life coaching exercises on you. This will greatly enhance your understanding of how to facilitate these exercises on your clients and your Self.
  • Testing Your Education- after you have submitted the required Self-Mastery Assignments you will call to schedule your at home, open book test.

DUAL Life Coaching Certification Program

    3 Courses make up HLC’s Life Coaching Certification:
  1. 101 Orientation
  2. 201 Foundations
  3. 301 Clinical Application

Upon completion our Life Coaching program you will earn two certifications.

Completion of 101-201 earns you a Self-Mastery Teacher Certification (CSMT).
Completion of 101-301 earns you both certifications, Self-Mastery Teacher Certification (CSMT) and Spiritual Life Coaching Certification (CSLC).


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Independent Practitioners “Clinical Materials” Package
Independent Practitioners “Clinical Materials” Package

Are you already a Life Coach?

This package will help you build a strong referral based coaching practice. It contains the most-often purchased Life Coaching tools at a SAVINGS of 20% OFF full retail cost.

This discounted Coaching package designed specifically for independent life coach's includes all the clinically proven self-help exercises that HLC has developed since 1993, plus advanced life skills lessons on subjects such as Relationship Mastery, Parenting Mastery, Money Mastery, Self-parenting [Self-Esteem/Self-Image] Mastery and Weight Mastery.

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Our price: $1,595.00
Normally: $1,995.00 You save $400
Master Coach Hu's Inner Self-Mastery Course
Master Coach Hu's Inner Self-Mastery Course

This is a great course for those not enrolling in the certification program but still want to learn these valuable advanced Life Skills to use for themselves or their private practice. This revolutionary, Self-empowerment course, will help you master the inner you as you learn transformational skills that you can start applying immediately to improve your life.

Our price: $805.00
Independent Study Life Coaching Certification Program
Independent Study Life Coaching Certification Program

Included in the Full Program enrollment- 201 Foundations course and 301 Clinical Application course. These are required for a Spiritual Life Coaching Independent Study certification.

101 Orientation course (interactive tele-course) is designed to introduce a new student or client to HLC's courses. It is not required for the Independent Study Life Coaching certification program but is highly recommended.

Our price: $2,995.00
Life Coach Consultations
Life Coach Consultations

This is an add-on product for Independent Study Life Coaching certification students.

Life Coaching consultations are the perfect way to add a support system to any HLC Independent Study course. This gives you one-on-one private tutoring as you complete your Independent Study certification.

Our price: $500.00

Risk Free 101 Orientation Course
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