Independent Practitioners “Clinical Materials” Package

Independent Practitioners “Clinical Materials” Package

This Independent Practitioner's Package contains all the HuMethodTM clinically proven self-help exercises, multi-sensory techniques and meditations. These professional resource tools are designed for new life coaches, as well as experienced life coaches, holistic practitioners, psychologists, counselors and social workers.

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1,000 Page Training Manual included in this package

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Learn from HLC’s 20 years of life coaching experience and clinical field testing on advanced life skill subjects such as Relationship Mastery, Parenting Mastery, Money Mastery, Self-parenting [Self-Esteem/Self-Image] Mastery and Weight Mastery to name a few.

This Independent Coach’s Client package includes Coaching techniques that have been proven-to-work on thousands of clients. These professional coaching techniques create the permanent behavioral changes that your coaching clients seek, and which will help you build a strong referral based practice.

The 1,000 page spiritual life coaching training manual contains HLC’s Proprietary Coaching Techniques that include how to use the Maieutic training method, hundreds of Self-Mastery Assignments you can use to customize your coaching lessons, the Responsibility communication process for mature boundary protection, several types of meditations each designed to handle different kinds of EGO issues, and professional coaching forms you can use to clinically measure your client’s progress.



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