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Are You Ready to Coach Like…
Famous Self-help Authors
Such as Chopra, Williamson,
Tolle, Hay, and Dyer?

HLC's Spiritual Life Coaching Certification Course Will Teach You How to Facilitate Transformative Coaching Exercises Comparable to What These Famous Self-help Authors Use

Holistic Learning Centers, Inc. [HLC] is the only school in the industry, that offers a Spiritual Life Coaching certification course, with clinically tested self-help exercises, proven to work on thousands of people for over two decades. HLC’s certification courses are for students who want to build a spiritually-based Life Coaching practice, and for holistic practitioners who want to use the HuMethod™ transformational Coaching exercises to enhance their practices. Beginning in 1993, our intention was to develop more than a course, but a healing modality, like chiropractic, nursing, and physical therapy.

Learn To Make Permanent Changes By Becoming an
HLC Certified Spiritual Life Coach

Our tele-classroom Coach’s Certification Course manifested into a result-driven, college-level training system… that includes unlimited instructor support, teaching materials, such as clinical measurement forms, the Five Core life-altering HuMethodTM exercises, proprietary diagnostic and dis-creation exercises, training manuals, and client self-healing exercises. All with the purpose of teaching you Coaching methods, that target your client’s specific needs, so they feel their self-help improvements as quickly as possible.

Free Coaching Courses

Your First Coaching Step

Certification Courses

HLC’s HuMethod™ Coaching Certification Courses were designed to professionally prepare you to immediately dispense your education upon graduation, and make a full-time living helping others transform their lives. HLC Coaches help clients discover who they are, what they want, how to manifest it, and most importantly, how to transcend what is holding them back.

Our Certification Programs Are Designed to Teach You

How to build your confidence and skills as a Coach

How to turn your passion for helping others into a full-time career

How to build a successful referral-based practice

How to go deeper into your own personal journey

How to Coach using the Maieutic Method

How to measure your client’s success

How to customize your client’s lesson plan to fit what THEY most need help with

How to take your client through Dis-Creation Coaching exercises to stop behaviors that do not serve them

How to use visual, auditory, and written tools to help your client create permanent behavioral change as quickly as possible

After completing your Coaching semester, you will graduate feeling more self-assured about your Coaching abilities, and more certain about success in this endlessly rewarding career that allows you to honor your calling by doing the work you were born to, while simultaneously working on your psycho-spiritual healing journey.

My Story

I am learning and growing so much that I am practically bursting through the seams of my soul. This program is making me a better therapist and I cannot wait to see what I am able to manifest in my personal and career life.

-Coach Pal,


My Story

HLC has not only changed my clinical practice professionally, but it has changed me and my entire life. Having worked as a Canadian Certified Counsellor for 20 years, HLC has brought my clinical practice to a whole new level. I am now able to go deeper with clients to support them in the same way, to go beyond mere knowledge and skills, to make deeper lasting core belief changes. I am so deeply thankful for the entire team.

-Coach Tammy,


My Story

I trained to be a life coach to find a more well-rounded way of helping people. What I received was more than I imagined possible. HLC has a very hands-on learning structure, where I was able to experience what being a life coach would look like and feel like while in the course. Adding this to my practice has helped my clients see deeper improvements in shorter periods of time.

-Coach Sahaya,


Become a Certified Spiritual Life Coach