FREE Save The Humans e-book

FREE Save The Humans e-book
Are You Willing To Be
Part Of The Solution?
Join Our Free SAVE The… Humans™ Educational Campaign
To Co-Create the Critical Mass Needed for
Global Transformation


WATCH HLC's Inner-Net of One Video which explains how you can use the internet to help Save the...Humans™

In 1993 Holistic Learning Centers launched its global transformation educational campaign called
SAVE The… Humans™ because…

“To SAVE The… Humans™ on planet earth we need a critical mass of souls who understand that we are all ONE spiritually.”
-Hu Dalconzo 1993

SAVE The… Humans™ FREE e-BOOK will educate you about:

  • How planetary critical mass can create planetary transformation.
  • Why women are being called to lead this spiritual evolution of love.
  • How critical mass transformed Russia from a communist state to a free enterprise system without a shot being fired.
  • How the 100th Monkey Phenomena is proof that critical mass works.
  • How critical mass will be the evidence that the financial power brokers need to transcend their minds and help us co-create planetary transformation.
  • Why we need a sense of urgency to SAVE The… Humans™!
  • Why planetary transformation will not happen as a result of a warlike revolution, but by a spiritual evolution.
  • How you can help us achieve our conscious Intention to manifest one million FREE down loads of the SAVE The… Humans™! eBook this year.


“Planetary transformation will happen as a result of a consciously co-created spiritual evolution, not because of a war like revolution.”
-Hu Dalconzo 1993

Please share this e-book (along with your monthly Free product) with everyone in your e-mail list to help start global transformation.

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