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The HuMethod

Spiritual Life Coaching Healing Modality

Learn Everything You Need to Know About HLC’s Spiritual Life Coaching School
and The HuMethod™ Healing Modality in Only 527 Words.

Hu Dalconzo, Founder of HLC, gives an overview of HLC's programs.

The Law of Attraction has drawn you to HLC’s Spiritual Life Coaching Certification School where for the past two decades HLC’s training staff has compiled over 10,000 pages of research and conducted 15 years of Clinical Field-Testing focused on which spiritual life coaching exercises… created the greatest amount of self-help improvement, with the most amount of life coaching clients, in the shortest period of time.

After two decades this empowering work has evolved into the 1st Authentic Spiritual Life Coaching Healing Modality called the HuMethod™. The HuMethod™ title was chosen because the word “Hu” refers to the subconscious, divine and quantum powers that exist within all human beings.  The HuMethod™ materials are spiritual signposts that point to a place that cannot be found within the realm of thought.

Why It Works”
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HLC’s HuMethod™ Certified Coaches are taught how to facilitate Proprietary, New Healing Discoveries that are themost Advanced Transformational Coaching Techniques available in the life coaching industry today… and the certification programs are Affordable for almost everyone’s budget.

Being a HuMethod™ Spiritual Life Coach will be an Endlessly Rewarding Career because it will support you to honor your spiritual purpose for living helping your coaching clients fulfill their life purpose, vision and goals.

Unity Radio- Approved Interview about HLC’s Self-mastery Book

The HuMethod™ Healing Modality will help you facilitate because its training system simplifies the instructional process into a Step-by-step, Easy-to-Teach, Specific Set of Advanced Life Skill Coaching Exercises, in the same way a high school teacher teaches history, using coaching textbooks, audios, lesson plans, exercises and assignments. Learn About Seven Levels of Student Involvement From Free Services to College Level Training Programs

The HuMethod™ is a Results Driven, College Level Training System… that includes clinical measurement forms and subjective measuring techniques to help you measure and quantify the fastest way possible to help your clients achieve their coaching
self-help goals. 

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HLC Approves 95% of our Student Financing Applications

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