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Are You Ready to Coach Like...

Famous Self-help Authors Such as Chopra, Williamson, Tolle, Hay, & Dyer?

This course is for students who want to become a Certified Spiritual Life Coach [CSLC], and for Holistic Practitioners who want to add life-altering Coaching exercises to their current healing modality. This Interactive course is conducted in a tele-classroom setting, where students dial into class and view the instructor's computer screen. These classes are dynamic with no boring lectures. Students are encouraged to actively participate with the instructor and one another, creating the most effective learning environment possible.

This course will teach you how to facilitate clinically proven Coaching exercises that will help you build a lucrative referral-based practice. You will be taught how to help your clients create the permanent changes that they seek in a spiritually transformative way. You will feel a deeper purpose and a balancing of your inner Self-alignment with your career goals. You will also work to improve your own psycho-spiritual development because it's just as important to work on your inner-Self as your client's inner-Self.

This course uses tools like textbooks, manuals, and Coaching exercises to thoroughly prepare you to start Coaching when you graduate.  Most importantly, this certification course is designed for you to "see one, do one, teach one", not just intellectually learn the material. This course focuses on practice-practice-practice, which builds your confidence and skills as a Coach so upon graduation, you are ready to start building your private practice.

CSLC, Coach Rosa, Details How To ACE This Course

Become a Spiritual Life Coach


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“HLC's Interactive Spiritual Life Coaching certification course is a place for you to learn, practice, and awaken in community. You will deep dive into the lessons, skills, and, most importantly, Coaching practices that will manifest permanent behavioral change.

-Sabrina Rose, ED

This Interactive Certification Course Will:

  • Create a Rewarding career

    Honor your holistic calling to serve others while simultaneously working on your personal growth and healing. 

  • Teach You the Five Core, Life-altering HuMethod™ Coaching Exercises

    Exclusive to HLC, you will learn to facilitate exercises that help Coaching clients get the greatest amount of self-help improvement in the shortest amount of time.

  • Receive Over 40 Hours of “live” Audio Coaching Examples

    As close to a "live" Coaching guide as you can get. Included are supplemental recordings of Master Coach Hu facilitating these clinically proven Coaching exercises that you can listen to over and over for life. Basically, "when the client feels this, use this exercise." 

  • Turn Your Passion into a Fulfilling Career

    You will graduate feeling more self-assured about your Coaching abilities, and more certain about success by doing the work you were born to, while simultaneously working on your psycho-spiritual healing journey.

  • Exclusive to HLC- Proprietary Diagnostic Measuring Techniques

    Learn not only how to pinpoint exactly what your client needs to work on, but how to measure your client's progress.  This leads to building a successful, referral-based Coaching practice.

  • Help Clients to Become Their Most Empowered Selves

    Learn how to help clients discover who they are, what they want, and how to manifest their self-help goals and desires.

Business Development & Support

Included in HLC’s Spiritual Life Coaching certification course, is the complementary promotion of a graduate’s private practice, events, workshops, etc. with HLC's sangha community. 

When you are ready to take advantage of HLC's business support, contact the Administration Department or if you are already a student, see your Student Agreements for details.

Want to take your knowledge to the next level? See How to Build & Market Your Private Practice on a Shoestring Budget manual. 

Course Details

  • Course Type- Interactive tele-classroom
  • Support- Unlimited Student to Instructor support 
  • Course Length- 18 Classes [includes a graduation ceremony]
  • Class Length and Time- Classes are held once per week,
    for a two-hours.
  • Final Exam- Upon submitting all requirements, a staff member will contact you to schedule your online, open-book exam and practicum. Four hours are given to complete and submit back the written exam.
  • Certification- Spiritual Life Coaching certification [CSLC] plus be qualified to apply to be an A.A.D.P. Board Certified Life Coach

Self-Mastery a Journey Home To Your Inner Self

Foundational Coaching textbook, Self-Mastery, a Journey Home to Your Inner Self. Imagine a book that has over 25-years of compiled research based on the works of the most magnanimous spiritual leaders, teachers, gurus, and philosophers of the last 2,500 years. A book that transcends spiritual and religious boundaries and takes you to a place where we all unite as One in Spirit.

The Self-mastery book utilizes the best of the best of these self-actualization teachers’ overlapping parables, principles, processes, and philosophies and blends them together into 16 easy-to-understand Self-mastery lessons and Coaching exercises for you to absorb.

This transformational book was also written as a support textbook to make it easy for holistic practitioners to teach these well field-tested Coaching exercises to their clients. This textbook is a foundational element of the HuMethod™ Certified Spiritual Life Coach’s Course. This clinically proven Coaching training system was designed for people who seek Self-empowerment and develop a successful career helping people.

The HuMan Handbook

Coaching client support tool, The HuMan Handbook. This inspirational “handbook” simplifies esoteric concepts into an easy-to-read format so that they can be treasured by the novice as well as the seasoned self-help sage.

This empowering book will teach you how to achieve spiritual transformation by using the Laws of the Universe to create the changes that are needed to manifest the reality you desire.

This book covers a wide range of lessons from Presence and Beliefs to Self-Acceptance and Approval, to the Law of Detachment, to Boundaries and Forgiveness plus many more. In each chapter, The HuMan Handbook describes in detail the concept of each lesson and then how to apply it to your life now.

Additional Materials

  • Interactive Coach's 101 Orientation Class
  • Unlimited student to instructor support during your course
  • Class downloadable recordings 
  • Promotion of private practice, events, workshops, etc. with HLC's sangha community
  • 300 Page Spiritual Life Coach's Training Manual
  • Hundreds of field-tested Coaching Exercises, Lesson Plans, Empowering Coaching Assignments, and Quality Control Forms
  • 70+ hours of "how-to" audio recordings
  • Self-Mastery, A Journey Home to Your Inner Self textbook
    & audiobook
  • The HuMan Handbook softcover & audiobook
  • Proprietary Diagnostic Exercises and Clinical Measurement Forms
  • AADP Eligibility- Become a Board Certified Member
  • Includes prerequisite Coach's 101 Orientation Class

Coach's 101 Orientation Class

The Coach’s 101 Class is the prerequisite to the Spiritual Life Coaching certification course and is included in enrollment. This class can also be taken separately and is perfect for students who are considering enrolling but are not ready to make the full commitment yet.

This class offers you a risk-free way to experience some of HLC’s HuMethod™  transformative Coaching exercises and to learn more about HLC’s proprietary success system before enrolling. The 101 class includes over 14-hours of training audios, plus two of the HuMethod™ primary Coach’s textbooks in digital form.

By attending the Coach's 101 class, you will experience the effectiveness of HLC’s HuMethod™ Coaching exercises for yourself, and how they will help you build a successful Life Coaching practice. Plus, if you already have a healing modality, this class will show you how to integrate these transformative exercises into your practice, helping your clients accelerate the achievement of their self-help goals. This class can be taken as part of the certification course [*ask about tuition credit] or individually for your personal healing journey as you can complete all Self-Mastery Assignments for a certification of completion later. Read More

This Course Is For You If...

  • You want to stop working at an unfulfilling job, and instead get well paid for doing work you love.

  • You are a holistic practitioner who wants to blend these clinically proven Coaching exercises with your current career, while simultaneously, drastically increasing your skills, your client’s retention rate and your income.

  • You have worked at a job that pays the bills, and now you want to do your spiritual calling.

  • You are a natural Coach who loves helping people, and now you are ready to do this rewarding work as a career.

  • You want to learn how to facilitate coaching exercises comparable to those used by Tolle, Dyer, Williamson, Hay, and hundreds of other self-help authors.

  • Most importantly, this course is for those who want to facilitate Coaching exercises that are guaranteed to help your clients create the life changes they not only want to make but are paying you to help them make.

Proof of the Effectiveness of the
Spiritual Life Coach’s Certification Course

On these class recordings, you will hear certification students sharing
what they experienced about themselves and what they learned about becoming a Spiritual Life Coach.

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Learn This & More About HLC's
Spiritual Life Coaching Certification Course


No. HLC's all-inclusive certification program covers everything you need to know to become a Certified Spiritual Life Coach.

The Spiritual Life Coaching certification course consists of 18 classes which include a graduation ceremony. Holiday breaks are given when applicable. 

The classes are held 1 time per week, for 2 hours. Classes are usually held on Thursdays at 6:00pm Eastern. 

HLC holds two certification semesters per year, one in the fall and one on the spring.

In order to keep a high standard of support and personalized attention both during class and outside of class, HLC keeps the class sizes small. Often we will close a semester early once capacity is reached. Those who do not make the cutoff can enroll in the following semester. 

YES, HLC offers a variety of payment options, making it possible for you regardless of your financial circumstances. Contact the office for details 888-452-0878 Press 3.

YES- the program teaches marketing, which teaches you ways to make your practice and your Coaching presence visible so your clients can find you.

HLC's Coaching Program Priorities: First and foremost, we give our students the tools to be the most impactful and effective Coach’s they can be. We do this knowing that if you aren’t good at Coaching, it doesn’t matter how much marketing knowledge you have, or how nice your website looks, you won’t build a successful practice because your clients aren’t getting the results they paid you to help them achieve.

During the program, HLC covers ways to recruit clients along with a one-on-one Marketing consultation that can be scheduled at any time with one of our Service Education Coaches. As a bonus, HLC provides your potential clients a FREE monthly eBook and audiobook. HLC graduates can email and post on social media this offer to their potential and current clients, as one of their consistent marketing actions.

For those students who want additional marketing support, HLC has a business and marketing training manual titled-How to Build & Market a Successful Coaching Practice on a Shoestring Budget. Learn More

Yes.  The class itself is interactive so you will actively participate and have the ability to ask questions during class. During off-class hours, your Instructor is available via email and individual meetings can be scheduled when applicable. 

No. No travel is involved. All classes are held in a virtual classroom.

Yes. The certification program was designed to be used as a stand-alone or in combination with your current practice. You can take all Coaching lessons as they are, or incorporate specific elements into your current practice. We also have graduates who go into specialties. For example, the course covers a wide range of subjects [Money mastery, Weight Mastery, Parenting Mastery, etc] but some students graduate and focus their whole practice on one element like Relationship mastery and how to find love. 

No, this certification program is all-inclusive. This refers to all Coaching "how to" training and class support documents and client materials.

What the student IS responsible for is having accessible and reliable internet access and Microsoft Word, Excel and the ability to open Adobe PDFs as these are the formats of HLC's digital documents. 

The work of people and groups such as Byron Katie, Avatar, etc. are admirable and HLC respects the work they have done.

The main difference is the level of clinical research and field-testing that our staff has done to determine which Coaching exercises helped the most amount of Coaching clients get the greatest amount of self-help improvements, in the shortest period of time. No other organization invested 30 years of research, plus 15 years of clinical field testing to create a spiritually-based, technically grounded healing-modality that creates permanent behavioral change for anyone who performs the exercises as assigned.

HLC’s HuMethod™ certification course is unique because it is the ONLY Spiritual Life Coaching Healing Modality in the industry. The HuMethod™  professional, spiritually-based Coaching course cannot be compared with any other Coaching school because it is more similar to traditional healing modalities schools such as chiropractic. HLC's HuMethod™ curriculum follows the same level of depth and detailed professionalism, which is why it has helped so many students like you build successful practices.

Graduates of HLC’s accredited curriculum are qualified to be Board Certified, Holistic Practitioners by AADP – the Accreditation Board of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. The AADP is a professional association, which recognizes traditional and nontraditional programs around the world.

Holistic Learning Centers (HLC) is neither a church, nor a ministry, nor does HLC attest to any particular religious point of view. HLC is strictly a non-sectarian educational organization of higher learning that provides spiritual coaching courses, and educational products for spiritually awakened students. HLC offers educational programs designed for basic and advanced students, holistic practitioners, and people seeking Self-empowerment.

The HuMethodTM is an empowering healing modality with proprietary, clinically proven, results driven Life Coaching and Self-help training system, with decades of research and field-testing. HLC’s Life Coaches use the HuMethod™ to professionally facilitate well field-tested exercises with their Life Coaching clients, to help them quickly achieve their self-help objectives.

Essentially, the HuMethod™ training system teaches students how to use emotional, psychological, and self-nurturing exercises in order to maieutically teach the client to permanently change behaviors that no longer suit them.

The HuMethod™ title wasn’t chosen because it is our founder’s spiritual name. It was chosen because the word “Hu” refers to the subconscious, divine and quantum powers that exist within all human beings.  Mastering how to tap into these Universal Powers is why HuMethod™ Certified Coaches are able to create the permanent behavioral changes needed for their clients to manifest their self-help goals as quickly as humanly possible.

The term clinically tested means that for more than 25 years, HLC has tested hundreds of exercises on thousands of students to prove what works and what does not.

It is a comprehensive or “holistic” approach to Coaching that empowers clients to create the life they desire with their Coach being the conduit for that change. One of the many ways HLC teaches how to do this is using the Maieutic method of Coaching. When using the Maieutic method, the wisdom and answers come from the client herself, not from the Coach didactically imputing his or her thoughts or beliefs onto the client.

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