Instructional Manual

Build, Grow & Market Your Practice

How To Build & Market a Successful Coaching Practice
On a…Shoestring Budget

Manual For Practitioners Who Want To Build, Grow & Market Their Practice

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There is a lot of excitement around HLC’s new training manual, How To Build & Market a Successful Coaching Practice On a… Shoestring Budget.

Master Coach Hu worked with HLC graduate Coach Avalaura Gaither for several months to research the most effective and least expensive ways to build a financially abundant holistic practice.

Learn the Tools Needed to Really Make Your Practice TAKE-OFF

If you are a Life Coach, Counselor, Reiki Master, Nurse, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, or any other kind of holistic practitioner then this course and training manual will be a Priceless Tool that will help you do the work you love as a full-time career. This empowering manual is unique because...

This empowering manual is unique because [like all of HLC's programs] this too is two journeys in one.
In addition to learning the business skills you need to build a successful holistic practice, you will be taught how to use DIS-CREATION Coaching EXERCISES that will surface and heal your unconscious, negative beliefs that are sabotaging your efforts to build a successful holistic practice.

The truth is almost everyone has some negative beliefs associated with money, sales, marketing, poverty, wealth, self-image, and self-confidence. It is these negative, false beliefs that are sabotaging your ability to do the work you love.

HLC’s clinically proven, HuMethod™ Dis-creation Exercises will help you “clean the slate of your mind” so you can build a prosperous holistic practice and create the permanent behavioral changes that you need to live your life as a highly functioning adult.

For many of you, you already invested time, energy, and money learning “how to” be a holistic practitioner. Now is the time for the next step and start your business journey and continue your personal journey to dis-create your negative prosperity beliefs. This manual will teach you how to professionally market your services with self-confidence in order to create and grow your own successful holistic practice and make a positive impact on the world doing the work you were born to do.

What’s the use of knowing psycho-spiritual
healing techniques if you don’t know how to dispense
them to as many souls as possible.

-Master Coach Hu

This Manual Will Teach You How To:

  • 1
    Legally set up your holistic practice to take advantage of the tax benefits
  • 2
    Use low budget ways to market your holistic practice
  • 3
    Create free or inexpensive websites
  • 4
    Use seminars and workshops to build your practice
  • 5
    Facilitate book study groups
  • 6
    Register clients at holistic health and wellness fairs and shows
  • 7
    Use Free social media to educate your clients about your services
  • 8
    Place inexpensive, targeted Facebook ads
  • 9
    Facilitate book study groups
  • 10
    Place Google Ad Words pay per click [PPC] inexpensive Ads
  • 11
    Plus much more

“Building your holistic practice is very similar to
being a parent of a young child.
Meaning, you must be willing to nurture your practice,
and to give it what it needs to grow and prosper.
The process of building your practice is a 'labor of love'.
This means that you must invest your time, money, and most importantly
your inner Self-growth because your holistic practice cannot grow
beyond your level of Spiritual Transformation.”

-Master Coach Hu

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