Clinical Proof

Test, Retest and Test Again

The Hu Method

Since 1977 Hu Dalconzo and HLC’s staff have been clinically testing, retesting and then retesting again, several hundred self-help exercises that were developed by dozens of nationally known self-help leaders, such: as Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, Carolyn Myss, Deepak Chopra and Ram Dass (see bibliography for the complete list).

HLC’s research has concluded that in order for our Life Coaching clients to create the permanent behavioral change [PBC] that they seek, they must go beyond intellectual agreement to a point where they emotionalize what they want to heal, improve or transcend.

HLC’s clinically proven HuMethod™ exercises, such as the SMAs [S.elf-M.astery A.ssignments], insure that HLC’s Life Coaching clients go beyond intellectual understanding to where they passionately emotionalize their self-help issues.


Emotionalizing is critically important because it creates the electro-magnetic energy [electricity] that alters our client’s neuro-peptides and neuro-pathways, which is a mandatory component that is required to create permanent behavioral change.

Holistic Learning Centers Spiritual Life Coaches have documented over time that its 54 self-help exercises (along with their accompanying 150+ supportive assignments) decrease the duration, intensity and frequency of our student’s emotional triggers by 35% (on average) after only 15 hours of sessions.

HLC’s clinically tested self-help exercises are defined as: “a proven series of specific actions that brings about an expected end result, which is Self-mastery.”

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HLC’s clinically proven exercises are personalized, self-actualization drills that take the abstract concept of inner Self-mastery, which is a hard-to-understand theoretical concept, and break it down piece by piece into a step-by-step, easy-to-understand, specific set of emotional, psychological and spiritual Self-nurturing exercises that have consistently helped the holistically competent become more competent.


Frequently Asked Questions regarding… 
HLC’s Clinically Tested Self-Help Exercises

  • Q: What do you mean by clinically tested self-help exercises?
    A: All of HLC’s curriculums have been developed upon clinically tested self-help exercises. The term” clinically tested” means that for over two and half decades, HLC has tested hundreds of self-help exercises, on thousands checking for improvements of lack thereof. HLC kept testing and retesting these exercises to determine which ones worked, and which ones did not work. The well field-tested exercises were carefully studied until it found the most effective ones. Hence, HLC’s proven self-help exercises are very effective tools, which assist its Life Coach graduates be the very best life coach’s that they can be in the industry.
  • Q: Did HLC develop all the self-help exercises on its own?
    A: NO. HLC’s clinically tested self-help exercises are the result of careful analysis of the lifework and self-help exercises developed by some of the most insightful Self-help authors, and spiritual leaders such as Gary Zukav, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Ernest Holmes, Catherine Ponder, Charles Fillmore, Stuart Wilde, Ram Dass, Pema Chodron, Deepak Chopra, Edgar Cayce, and Louise Hay are among the list of over 125 incredible souls.
  • Q: What do you mean by scientifically measured?
    A: HLC’s certified life coaches are taught how to take a baseline measurement of students’ three most important self-help objectives. Then they record students’ improvements by noting the decrease in their emotional upsets. Specifically, they measure the decrease in the duration of the upset (how long it lasts), the intensity (how severe it is), and the frequency (how often) of the upset from the time students first enroll.
  • Q: How many clinically tested self-help exercises has HLC developed?
    A: HLC has developed 54 results-driven, self-help exercises. These Self-empowering exercises are supported by seven public workshops, 250 self-help assignments, five professionally written Self-mastery textbooks and three life coaching training manuals.
  • Q: Self-help exercises have a tendency to be hard to understand and often esoteric, so how did HLC make them simple to facilitate?
    A: To accomplish this HLC’s staff had to break each self-help exercises down into small, manageable pieces so we could test each element of the exercise. Then took these clinical, abstract, and esoteric concepts and broke them down piece by piece until finally, after twenty-five years, they became a concrete, step-by-step, easy-to-understand, specific set of self-help exercises.
  • Q: When did HLC start scientifically testing these self-help exercises?
    A: HLC started testing to determine which self-help exercises work and which ones don’t over two and half decades ago. The scientific clinical procedures for accurately measuring self-help exercises began 13 years ago.
  • Q: How effective are these exercises in helping people achieve their self-help objectives?
    A: HLC’s clinically proven results have been nothing short of magnificent because the typical HLC student improves by 35% after only 15 hours of coaching classes. HLC self-help exercises WORK for anyone who is willing to do the work as instructed. HLC’s exercises are not magical, mysterious or mystical. They work for the same logical reason why doing abdominal exercises work, practice, practice and more practice.
  • Q: Is it true that HLC’s Certified Life Coaches customize its curriculum to help each individual student achieve their own unique self-help objectives?
    A: Yes. HLC’s life coaches facilitate five preliminary, goal defining self-help exercises, which help their student’s define their self-help objectives. HLC life coaches use these five goal defining exercises to customize their student’s curriculum to help their students achieve their self-help objectives in the fastest way possible.
  • Q: How does HLC make sure that their life coaches facilitate their self-help exercises properly?
    A: HLC life coach’s fill out a Case Supervisor quality control report after each class. This report is submitted to, and discussed with their supervising life coach who has hundreds of hours of field experience. The report contains 32 different categories, which ensures that the life coach remains professionally focused on helping their student achieve their self-help objectives.
  • Q: Why does HLC use clinical self-help exercises and no other school uses them?
    A: It takes decades to develop clinical measurements and based-lines around hundreds of books. The careful study and analysis of this work took years to develop and HLC had the ability and resources to take on such a task. It has been HLC’s goal to become the only school in Life Coaching Certification and Advance Life-Skills training school to develop the only curriculum of its kind in the industry.

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