Seven Spiritual Truths

Seven Spiritual Truths

Seven Spiritual Truths Book and Audio contain the Core Universal Truths
that the Whole HuMethod™ Modality Was Built Upon

These Universal Truths were discovered after Master Coach Hu and his staff conducted three decades of research that compiled over 10,000 pages of the teachings of hundreds of Self-actualization leaders, Gurus, and famous self-help authors such as
Dyer, Tolle, Williamson, Chopra, Hay, Singer and Ram Dass.

The research made it perfectly clear that there were sixteen over lapping lessons that all these Gurus, Self-actualization leaders, and hundreds of self-help authors were teaching.

Coach Hu took these Sixteen Universal Lessons and organized them into a transformational book called Self-mastery… A Journey Home To Your Inner Self.
He discovered the Seven Spiritual Truths deep within the central core
of these Sixteen Universal Lessons, and

We Now Pass These Empowering Universal Truths… To You!

Our hope is that you will use these Seven Spiritual Truths
like a Compass, to guide you back to your Inner Self anytime
you feel lost or disconnected.

“These Universal Truths have changed my life. They have empowered me in ways I never dreamed possible.  Now I understand on a very deep level that I came here to have experiences, not to hide from them! They are helping me transcend my ego’s fears about approval from others. I have learned that there are no mistakes, only lessons.  I cannot tell you how liberating that was for me to learn.” 
Coach Tracey C.S.L.C.


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